Tribal Districts to Get Rs 100 Billion Per Year Under New Uplift Package

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the government’s plan to uplift tribal districts in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) by spending PKR 100 billion annually.

In a tweet sent this morning, the Premier stated “Our ppl[people] in the tribal area will see unprecedented development as Govt plans to spend over Rs100 billion annually for 10 yrs in tribal districts, Living up to our commitment. A 3-week consultative process on 10 year Dev[elopement] Plan for former FATA is being initiated, starting from Bajaur.”

Recently, the Prime Minister announced the launch of Sehat Insaf Card scheme in the tribal region while on a visit to Mohmand district. In an address to the tribal elders at Ghalanai, the Headquarters of Mohmand district, he said the Sehat Insaf Card would provide benefits to the people of tribal districts like rest of their countrymen and anyone who has the card will be eligible to get treatment at any hospital up to Rs. 720,000 annually.

He also said that the tribal districts will be developed whilst education, as well as job opportunities, will be created, with the youth in mind.

He said the construction of Mohmand Dam will help generate electricity and at the same time help irrigate a vast barren land; He further said that tourism opportunities will be explored and promoted in tribal districts as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can become a tourism hub, which has undoubtedly helped in reduction of poverty during the last five years.

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