PAC Develops a Fighter Version of the Super Mushak Aircraft

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has developed a fighter version of the Super Mushak trainer aircraft.

The latest addition to Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) arsenal will be used for training purposes following the success of the indigenous JF-17 Thunder fighter jet.

With Buraq laser guided and anti-tank missiles installed, the new Super Mushak now has an enhanced targeting capacity enabling it to be used as a combat aircraft.

Due to its low operational cost, the aircraft can be used for war purposes as well as operations against terrorists. This is the first time the Super Mushak will be used as a fighter aircraft thanks to the newly installed, enhanced warfare capabilities.

Earlier, PAF had successfully tested long-range smart missiles from JF-17 Thunder, enabling the combat jet to hit its targets with pinpoint accuracy at any time of the day.

Following the Pulwama incident and the uncalled for aggression from across the border, the country’s air force has amped its efforts to make the air defense impregnable.

Featured Image via Pakistan Today

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  • sometimes old tech beat the new tech but we are unaware of the door old tech can open.
    like Diesel submarine hit nuclear submarine under its nose. and flew.

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