Pakistan Might Dry Out by 2025 If Govt Takes No Action

Pakistan stands at the risk of running dry by 2025 if the government fails to take action in the next five years.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pakistan ranks third among the countries facing acute water shortage. It stands among the list of the most water-insecure countries in the world. The imminent water shortage has become a big threat to the economy and survival of Pakistan.

The official data states that 16 million individuals in Pakistan lack access to clean water and 21 million do not have clean water near their homes. Moreover, there is no drinking water facility in 24 percent of the government schools.

However, not much has been done regarding this till date. It has been almost a year since the National Water Policy was introduced. The entire year saw no important breakthrough regarding the implementation of the policy.


Pakistan is Among the 3 Most Water Stressed Countries in the World

Last year, the Supreme Court had ordered the provincial governments to work on the policy. The order still awaits implementation. Water experts opine that the implementation of the water policy can bring a significant change in the country.

National Water Policy

The policy contains the framework and the principles based on which the provincial governments can chalk out their plans for water management, conservation, and development.

The experts maintain that if authorities fail to act now, the situation will get out of hands in the coming years. This year’s theme for the World Water Day is ‘Leaving no one behind’. The theme implies that water is a person’s fundamental right, regardless of who he/she is or where he/she is.

The objectives of the National Water Policy maintain that the governments have to promote sustainable production and consumption patterns throughout the water sector. They need to improve reliability, availability, and the quality of freshwater resources to meet the sectors’ needs.

One of the policy objectives requires the governments to improve urban water management by reducing non-revenue water and increasing system efficiency.

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  • First step to solving the water problem is to raise prices and cut off those who don’t pay their bills. Problem is the entire agriculture sector is dependent on cheap water so as soon as the raise prices food prices will also increase and people will start crying about inflation. Our industries are also dependent on cheap water. Basically we are exporting our scarce water at subsidized rates to developed countries. We will stop being competitive once water prices are raised which they will have to be eventually.

  • Have been reading such articles since last 50 years, Pakistan mai 2005 mai khushksali aaegi then 2010 mai aaegi then 2015 and now 2025 and nothing happened instead we have got record rain showers this year as these things are controlled by Allah almighty and no one in this world can predict anything Lol, either u guys have too much time on your hand or have a notion to demoralaze the nation constantly bombarding them with negative news

  • We have Enough Water into our Dam : Just Make Some Authentic Policy and Distribute Water equally into all areas : that’s it :

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