Sheikh Rasheed’s “Awami Style” Goes Viral on Social Media

The Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad is known for his blunt nature and “awami” style, especially in Pindi.

Recently, he uploaded a video of himself enjoying desi food at a local chapli kebab shop in Mardan.

Accompanied by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Senior Minister, Atif Khan, and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Mohammad Khan, Sheikh Rasheed enjoyed the famous kebabs of Takht-i-Bahi with the public.

The parliamentarians were seen eating Naans with chapli kebabs as people gathered around to make videos and pictures.

Not just this, there are numerous videos in which Sheikh Rasheed can be seen enjoying his meals in a desi manner and he feels no shame in sharing it with his fans.

The 68-year old roamed around in the streets of Mardan after inaugurating Nowshera-Dargai Safari Train. While talking about railways revival, he said that trains are the cheapest way of travel and that his department will do its best to make it a profitable business.

Here’s how the people reacted on social media:

Others asked whether he paid for the food or not.

A usual answer associated with Sheikhs.

Sheikh Rasheed answered with a video.

Words from the past.

Awami aadmi.


A legit question, from the wrong person.

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