Toyota & Suzuki Will Now Work Together on Hybrid & Compact Cars

World-renowned automakers, Toyota and Suzuki, have partnered to jointly produce electric and compact cars in order to compete against the global leaders in the market segment.

The initial R&D agreement to work together was inked in 2017 and now Suzuki will be producing more cars for Toyota. Both companies will start their partnership from the UK and slowly expand their business in other regions.

As compared to Toyota, Suzuki is not a global brand but their extensive reach in markets such as India and Pakistan is a crucial factor due to which both companies struck an agreement.

The joint statement read:

Toyota and Suzuki, in addition to bringing together Toyota’s strength in electrification technologies and Suzuki’s strength in technologies for compact vehicles, intend to grow in new fields, such as joint collaboration in production and in the widespread popularization of electrified vehicles.

Toyota will produce hybrids in Europe, based on its Corolla and RAV4 SUV crossover for Suzuki, while Suzuki will supply Toyota with petrol engines for compact vehicle models sold in the region.

Markets like India and Pakistan are dominated by compact vehicles from Suzuki and Toyota plans to expand its business in India which is the fifth-largest passenger car market in the world.

The two carmakers have been pooling their strengths. Toyota is a leader in hybrid technology and is investing heavily in automated driving, while Suzuki specializes in affordable compact cars

Toyota President, Akio Toyoda looks forward to the partnership, saying:

We believe that the expansion of our business partnership with Suzuki will help give us the competitive edge we will need to survive this once-in-a-century period of profound transformation.

The two companies will now join forces in India as well as Europe to develop cars based on each other’s expertise. Not just this, Suzuki will also make Baleno, Vitara Brezza, Ciaz, and Ertiga for Toyota which will be rolled out in Africa after rebranding as Toyota models.

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  • Since new companies are entering pakistani market, these two companies that have robbed pakistani market by double charging on cars, have now joined forces to take on those companies, and by joining trying to make their monopoly stronger…


  • The word used here for Compact Cars by Suzuki doesn’t match the cars produced here in Pakistan.

  • How does this help Pakistani’s ? We will continue to face the monopoly of Toyota, Honda and suzuki. I must say this is quite an irrelevant article.

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