Pak Suzuki Starts Local Assembly of Alto 2019

According to reports, Pak Suzuki has begun the production of its 660cc Alto in Pakistan.

A picture that has spread from the social media shows the initial phase of a car being put into assembly. The unit being assembled looks like the new Suzuki Alto.


Pak Suzuki announced a few months ago that it was aiming to launch Alto in Pakistan in 2019 and with the picture making rounds on social media; this lends credence to that fact that we might see the car hit the roads this year.  There are rumors that the company has already developed around 25 units of the new Alto 2019 for testing purposes.

After 30 years at the top, Pak Suzuki has phased out its iconic 800cc hatchback Mehran – company’s top-selling vehicle and is bringing Suzuki Alto 660cc to replace it.

The new hatchback will be fitted with a 660cc engine and come in both the auto and manual transmission variants. There will be three variants of Alto 2019, where the top-of-the-line model will have automatic transmission whereas the manual Alto will come in a base model and a higher spec model. The price is rumored to be between 8 lakh to 10 lakh, according to expert estimates.

Suzuki Alto is currently in its 8th generation and Pakistanis will be getting the same 8th gen design here as well, however, the features may vary.

There is a worry that like the car it is replacing, Suzuki Mehran, it will only have the basic features regardless of the variant. Looking at the existing evidence, the existence of 1000CC Alto, and the price of the Alto 2019, it can be safely concluded that it will not be as feature packed as the JDM Alto which people are already importing into the country.

This is all conjecture at this point and we would like that you don’t rev your engines too hard at this moment and see what features the company will ship with the car.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this, what will be the pros and cons of the Alto being manufactured here? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Shape of Car matters alot, this shape they are bringing with new Alto won’t conquer any milestones that old Mehran did.

  • Because pak Suzuki is making this car copying a Japanese car therefore as usually they will not give such good car car is ugly as wel Japanese original car features will not be ,and more good news is the car will be simple but very expensive, I think people should not buy this car because ,other companies like Renault, Datsun, Hyundai ,Nissan united ,prince they entered in market and soonly they launch their cars their cars will be quality containing and cheap so people should not buy Suzuki 2019 alto

  • If the price is higher than 8 lac then customer would prefer to buy imprted one. So price need to be reduced to compete in market

  • 660 cc engine is under power, I will suggest that 800cc efi engine is the best for this car.

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