Samsung S10 Series Will Support 25W Fast Charging Soon

After Xiaomi announced its 100W Super Charge Turbo tech, the consumers’ perspective towards fast charging changed. Samsung, before it could face criticism for 15W fast charging in the expensive S10 series, has announced an update saying that it will be increasing the fast charging capacity from 15W to 25W.

Till now, 25W fast charging was exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S10+ 5G variant and Samsung Galaxy A70. All the other phones from S10 series come with 15W fast charging. However, recently, Quan Guixian, President of Samsung Greater China, announced the changes that will be made via an OTA update at an interactive session with fans.

A few weeks into the release, S10 series used received an update that helped remap the Bixby button and also addressed some security issues. Right after that, Samsung has started working on the second OTA update which will be sent to the phones within a month.

The respective changes required for 25W charging will be made with the OTA update and all the users will have to do is purchase a 25W charger. From the looks of it, 25W fast charging will become a standard for Samsung phones in the future especially the flagships.

This is not all, the S10 lineup might also be getting a camera update. This update will bring a long exposure mode for better pictures in low light. We’re not sure whether both of the updates will come in the same OTA update or if the camera update will come later.

    • You are dumb 50W and 100W will fry your mobile and they may explode stop commenting nonsense everywhere.

      • Well Oppo R17 pro already supports 50W charger. And Xiaomi just showed 6 days ago their new technology of 100W charger. That charges phone in 17 minutes. So yes, the technology is there already. Samsung is catching up.

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