Met Office Issues Heatwave Warning for Karachi as Temperatures Hit 40 Degrees

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) activated its Heatwave Early Warning Center on April 1 after the mercury hit 40 degrees Celsius in Karachi for the first time this year.

The center will remain functional until October 21. According to the Met Office, the cause of high temperature is northwesterly winds from the country’s plains after the sea breeze remained static during the morning and noon hours.

“The temperature soared to 40°C on Monday after the sea breeze came to a halt in Karachi, while the humidity rose to 73 percent in the morning,” said a PMD official.

Owing to the increasing temperature, PMD formally activated its Heatwave Early Warning Center. The center will keep the city posted regarding the daily weather situation along with issuing a warning for a heatwave at least three days earlier.


No Record Heatwave Expected This Year: Met Office

The Met Office had forecast a drastic increase in Karachi’s temperatures from Friday to Monday. After that, the sea breeze is expected to resume and thus, improve the weather.

“We predict the temperature to remain between 36°C and 38°C on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the maximum temperature will drop further and be between 35°C and 37°C,” says a PMD official.

High Temperatures This Year

The Met Office has also forecast that this year will experience extreme temperatures, probably the highest recorded in Pakistan, just like the previous four years. It attributed the rising temperatures to the prevailing environmental and climatic conditions across the globe.

According to a Met Office expert, people will need to remain alert between April and June. The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has instructed its health department to chalk out a contingency plan in case of a heatwave.

It also directed all the heads of the KMC-managed hospitals to appoint focal persons designated for dealing with an emergency.

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