This Pakistani Man Can’t be Electrocuted [Video]

Some of you might have heard about the electricity man from Serbia or the one from India who can withstand electricity shocks without getting harmed.

Well, a Pakistani man going by the name of Zafar Iqbal also possesses similar talents. He is immune to electric shocks and he can play with high voltage tension wires as if its a child’s play.

Zafar cannot be electrocuted and he realized it more than a decade ago when he didn’t feel an electric shock despite touching a plug. Quite a superpower to have in today’s age of superhero movies, don’t you think?

Don’t believe me? Watch him here:

Not just this, he can light bulbs with his bare hands. In a video which has been circulating over different social media platforms, he can be seen touching live tension wires while climbing on an electric pole. The high-voltage can easily kill any man, however, Zafar has this remarkable immunity and he can withstand huge electric shocks without a bruise.

He sure is an extraordinary human being, isn’t he? Let us know your thoughts on his abilities.

Video via StoryTrender

Feature Writer

  • Hamare Ghar Kai Baar “Welding Man: Aye hai
    Jo Direct Fase & Nutal WIRE Ko Hath Se Pakar K Jorta hai
    No Tools No Tape (Ankho Dekha Haaal Hai Aur Kai Saal Se Dekh Raha ho)

    • Lol. In welding machines, the transformer transforms the volts so the voltage is only 30 to 40v instead of 220v, that’s why no one gets electric shock. For safety precaution, we use gloves when we weld equipments…
      If you’re confident, you don’t need to use shock proof gloves

      • Where i mentioned via Welding Machine ?
        I Said ” Hamara Welding Man KE K Meter Se Direct Line Leta hai Aur Hath Se Connection Jorta hai Without Safety Tools :
        220V Ati hai

  • Is there some scientific explanation for this that he’s been made aware of? I once was attending to a water heater and thinking my wife had turned off the correct switch at the breaker box went about what I was doing. But then suddenly I felt a huge surge of electricity through my left arm. It did nothing but temporarily give me a numbing sensation, but am certain if the circumstances had been just slightly different it could have been fatal. It seems to be a rare phenomenon but not unknown as demonstrated by the two men mentioned from Serbia and India. Obviously there bodies aren’t adequately conductive of electricity.

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