Women Outlive Men Everywhere in the World: UN

According to the World Health Organization, women are outliving men throughout the globe. The revelation has been made in WHO’s Statistics Overview of 2019 authored by Dr. Richard Cibulskis.

“Whether it’s homicide, road accidents, suicide, cardiovascular disease – time and time again, men are doing worse than women”, the report read.

The report also revealed that the average life expectancy has increased from 66.5 years to 72 years.
The report attributed life expectancy in different sexes to attitudes and healthcare. Moreover, healthy life expectancy increased from 58.5 years in 2000 to 63.3 years in 2016.

In countries with generalized HIV epidemics, men are more likely to die of the disease as they tend to visit the doctor fewer times than women.

The report also identified 40 leading causes of death out of which, 33 of these lead to reduced life expectancy in men compared to women. When it comes to suicide, the rates are 75% higher in men than women.

From road accidents, the ratio is twice and from homicide, it is four times higher in men than in women.

Maternal deaths contribute significantly to reduced life expectancy in women, especially in areas with limited healthcare facilities for women. The difference is 1:41 in low-income countries whereas 1:3300 in rich countries, as pointed out by Samira Asma, WHO Assistant Director General for Data, Analytics and Delivery.

There are shocking differences in the risk of maternal death between high-income and low-income countries.

In low-income countries, one in every 14 child dies before turning 5, while people’s lives are 18.1 years shorter than in high-income countries.

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