Popular Female Vlogger Jordan Taylor is Coming to Pakistan

Pakistan has a great potential for tourism and with the recent wave of efforts to make Pakistan a tourist hub, the number of foreigners visiting the country is gradually increasing. While there is huge room for improvement, starting from visa to accommodation and infrastructure, Pakistan looks to be on the right track.

Following in the footprints of famous vloggers like Eva zu Beck, Rosie Gabrielle, Drew Binsky and others who have changed the perception about Pakistan for thousands of their followers, another famous vlogger, Jordan Taylor is coming to Pakistan this April.

She took to Instagram to share the news with her fans that Pakistan is her next travel destination, terming the country as one of her most ‘requested travel destinations ever’.

I am really looking forward to trying all of the food and seeing the cultural sites, experiencing the history of the country. Her caption on Instagram read:

I’m so excited to announce my next trip will be a month in Pakistan starting in mid-April! I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, and after months of planning, it’s finally happening! In addition to exploring all over Pakistan, I’ll be attending the Vlogger Summit in Islamabad and getting the chance to meet local creators.

Here are some of her photos from her recent destinations which include China, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman, Guatemala, Spain, etc.

In the last three years, she has traversed a total of 31 countries.

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I had a lovely two days in Madrid! Madrid was the very first city that I ever visited outside of the U.S., when I first began this never-ending trip of mine over 2.5 years ago. Back then, I found it elegantly beautiful, charming but also grand. Now that I have been back a second time, I can say that I still see it this way! The first time I was here, I had never been to Europe before. I had never felt so surrounded by history before. And so, Madrid seemed very exciting and unique. Now, though I have been around the world, I saw Madrid through another fresh perspective: I haven’t been back to Europe in about 2 years, and have mainly been in Asia since then. And so, I found myself yet again marveling at the exquisite fresh bread, the food, the architecture, the Spanish bookshops and cobblestone streets. It’s funny how perspectives can change a place for you, or perhaps leave it strangely the same. I am sitting in the Madrid airport now with a coffee, onto Livio and I’s next destination! #neverstopexploring

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Living in color * * Currently traveling in Taiwan (Taipei!) and this city is amazing. Just one problem… it’s supposed to rain for a week straight! Every hour of every day is 100% chance of rain, continuing on for at least 7 days. But even in the grey, admittedly dismal weather, this city still manages to be colorful and full of life. This photo, by the way, is of me just after dashing into a cafe to escape the endless rain. I’m in front of a large black and white photo. ☔️ ☔️ 🌧 🌧 * * #travel #portrait #taiwan #rainydays #rain #travelersnotebook #storytime #travellight #instatravel #happy #winter #wearetravelgirls #wanderlust #wander #adventuretime #travelstoke #girlslovetravel #roamingwomen #taipei #taiwan #newtaipei #newtaipeicity

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The travel vloggers and Instagram influencers have a huge role to play in uplifting the tourism sector of Pakistan. Their travel stories and experiences are read by thousands of foreigners which can result in a better perception of Pakistan.

The world needs to be informed that Pakistan is nothing like the Homeland series and that it is going to be a huge travel destination for foreigners in the coming years. And this is possible through the first-hand experiences of such vloggers and travelers therefore, they need to be appreciated for their efforts.

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