Huawei’s New Ark Compiler Can Speed Up Android OS by 44%

Huawei has announced a new Ark compiler in a bid to improve the efficiency of the Android OS. The announcement took place in China during a product launch event.

The compiler, according to Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business CEO, will help in refining the Android app compilation and help interpret and carry out the compilation process

Due to substantial improvements, the Ark Compiler will now support optimizations up to the architecture level, helping make Android OS more reliable and faster in face of various actions. The system will show a marked improvement with a 24% increase in fluency. It will be more responsive by 44% and third-party apps will improve by 60%, Yu revealed.

Even the battery performance will see an improvement and it is compatible across all new Android devices; some are even saying it is the best substitute for ART (Android Runtime).

The compiler will be open source because Huawei won’t hold any usage rights and it hopes that app developers will switch to the Ark to compile for Android.

As of now, the inbuilt ART virtual machine is used to transfer application code onto the application code on Android and it is twice as fast as the previously used Dalvik VM. If Huawei is successful in making app developers switch from this to ARK, it could help increase the potency of the Android system and solve the issues faced by ART.

The technical details for the Ark are yet to be made public.

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