Xiaomi Launches a Floor AC for Large Rooms

It’s pretty clear by now that Xiaomi is not just a smartphone maker. In recent days, Xiaomi has announced various different home appliances and gadgets including the Xiaomi Mi TV and the SOOCAS S3 electric razor.

And now at a launch event in China, Xiaomi launched a number of new home appliances. One of which was an air conditioner called the Xiaomi Floor Standing AC.

As a floor standing AC should be, the Xiaomi AC has a simplistic cylindrical design meant to keep the device upright on the floor. It has three-dimensional airflow along with a swinging motion in all four directions which makes sure the cool air reaches every corner of your room. The company says that the AC has enough cooling capacity for a 20-32 square meter room. One of its functions includes letting the AC choose its cooling based on the room’s temperature and humidity.

Speaking of capacity, it comes with a cooling capacity of 5100W and a heating capacity of 5650W with a reach of up to 8 meters. The AC can also be controlled through Xiaomi’s Mi App, the built-in Iot chip allows the AC to be controlled through the app.

The remote has been specifically designed to allow blind people to use it easily. The buttons are arranged in a way to make them easier to locate, with specific protruding buttons for important functions.

The very first sale of the Xiaomi AC is going to be for $446, but later on, it is going to go back to its original price of $521.

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