Facebook Reactions to Get New Looks and Animations

In 2016, Facebook rolled out reaction buttons to help users respond to posts in a variety of ways if a simple like button was not enough. This was a result of users clamoring for a dislike button, but Facebook decided on something more expressive and fun.

A report from the Pew Research Center, published in July 2018 showed how the reactions were getting popular among users especially the angry one. These reactions have become a key feature when it comes to expressing likes and dislikes on the popular social media platform.

Recently, word got out that Facebook is testing new gradient colors and 3D designs for the reaction emojis. An application researcher, Jane Manchun Wong tweeted out how Facebook was giving the reaction emojis a more cartoonish look.

The reaction emojis have helped marketers get a better response from the consumers as compared to a simple like button. Four days ago, LinkedIn also launched its own set of response emojis after noticing the positive response Facebook’s reactions got. We also have these reactions on Instagram and Facebook stories.

There are no major changes in the shapes and structures of the reaction, they are just made more colorful and the new algorithm has given them more depth. It’s more like a fun update that will be rolled out for users’ amusement.

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