PSA: Go to Your Bank for Biometric Verification of Your Accounts Before June 30

For the past few months, people have been receiving text reminders from their banks to visit the branch for biometric verification of their accounts. While some have already done so, many people have not completed the process yet.

Getting your account biometrically verified is important. That is why all the banks are asking their customers again and again to visit the branch.

Biometric Verification is Mandatory for Banks

The State Bank of Pakistan issued a directive in October 2018. The central bank asked all the commercial banks including microfinance and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to verify the bank accounts of their customers.

Notably, the SBP had rendered it mandatory for banks to conduct the biometric verification of account holders in 2016. Before the said year, banks had no electronic authentication system and the entire process was handled manually.

However, the emergence of numerous bank accounts with billions of rupees worth of transactions and misused CNICs of people along with compromised repute of the country’s banking system made it inevitable for the SBP to make biometric verification of all bank accounts opened before 2016 mandatory.


Banks Begin Biometric Verification of All Account Holders

Biometric Verification of Bank Accounts

The banks started sending text messages to their customers to visit their branches for biometric verification in December. Since then, they have been sending out texts, constantly reminding their customers to complete the verification process.

While asking the customers to visit the branch ‘at earliest’, some banks require their customers to visit the branch they have opened an account with for the biometric verification. However, many banks do not have such a specification.

What if You Don’t Verify Your Account?

The banks have been sending frequent reminders to ensure that all the customers get their accounts verified by June 30, 2019, which is the deadline set by the state bank.

If you fail to visit your bank for the biometric verification, your bank account can get blocked. Some people have received letters with a warning that their accounts may be suspended if they do not complete the due process.

As mentioned earlier, the banks began biometric verification of the account owners since 2016. So, there should be no need to undergo the same process if someone has opened their account in or after the said year.

However, some people are still getting these messages even though their accounts were biometrically verified at the time of the opening. If you are one of those, it is prudent to visit the bank and confirm your account meets all the requirements.

  • Why We Go ? Bank Should be arrange Bio Option at User Premises :
    Bank Alfalah Giving this Facilitates :

    • How Can I Uses OverSeas Pakistani in Pakistani Account ?
      Recently this Policy only for Account Holder Which is belong to Inside the Pakistan.
      Or If you have Account & you are not in Pakistan you should be added one nominated person.

    • They dont. They are marked NRP in the system to identify that. Whenever the NRP comes to operate the account, branch will conduct bio-metric to verify.

  • Banks se request hy , k verification k baad hath k hath Re- verification b kr ta k baad me nadra k trha dobara na krni pry , Kb sudry ge ye hamry idary???
    Jo overseas pakistani bahir hen on k liye ap logo ne pery shani khali kr di.

  • what if they use the mobile technology by applying mobile finger print reader as a bio option with their respective bank apps as a source

  • How Overseas Pakistani Can Verify Finger print. Today i Call NBP Branch Riyadh Saudi Arabia they don’t have Verification Option. Overseas Pakistanis are the main Revenue generator why Government are not facilitate them.

    • brother same here i am also living in london i cant go pakistan at this time with any reasons i also called ABL they also dont have any verfication options in london.if u will get any information about this please let me know here thanks

      • Please bety my problem is same I can’t go to Pakistan any reason in londen South all HBl branch I contact them what answer they’ll please my problem is same tell me if any massage you receive from anywhere

        • Same here with me. Working Abroad and account is blocked. Actually we are so lazy in planing that you will not get any other example in world. First we issued 100 million SIM cards without any verification and then bothered all the people to do a verification now same happening with accounts in bank. Bank is not responding so I don’t know what to do. Highly disappointed with the system in Pakistan. How they didnt consider 10 million people working abroad.

  • How is this possible under the timings that banks are offering these days… 10am to 2pm… Should we do our jobs or stand in line at the bank?

  • What about a pensioner who had stroke/disability and can’t even move without ambulance? How can he get biometric done to get pension?? Csn someone help plz

    • Pls confirm if you have got any info related to your query. I have same query. Pls confirm if get anything in this.

  • if i fail to verify it within due date, will my account be blocked permanently? need answers asap

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