Chinese Embassy Withholds Visas of 90 Pakistani Brides

The Chinese Embassy has withheld visas for 90 Pakistani girls amid reports of human trafficking and organ trade. Around 140 Chinese nationals have submitted applications to the embassy in 2019, requesting visas for their brides.

This year has seen a record rise in the number of transnational marriages. This sudden spike led the embassy officials to investigate the matter. They have approached the Pakistani officials in this regard.

While disclosing this development, Deputy Chief of Mission Chinese Embassy, Lijian Zhao refuted the reports of Pakistani women being trafficked to China for prostitution and organ trafficking. He said that media reports contain fabricated information and rumors. There is no evidence to verify the claim, he stressed.

He told that the Ministry of Public Security of China has sent a task force to Pakistan for law enforcement cooperation with the Pakistani side. As per the task force’s investigations, no evidence of forced prostitution or organs sale has been found.

Zhao also denied the notion that all marriages are fake. Chinese nationals, who applied for visas of their Pakistani brides last year, have carried out all the legal formalities before applying, he added.

He said that they have received a few complaints of Pakistani women being tortured by their husbands and they addressed those complaints.

He asked the Pakistani government to reconsider its visa on arrival policy for Chinese businessmen, as it is being misused by some marriage bureaus in Pakistan. The Chinese dignitary said that Pakistan should investigate the institutions and chambers that are inviting fake businessmen who actually come to the country in search of wives.


FIA Busts Another Chinese ‘Human Trafficking’ Gang in Rawalpindi

Chinese Nationals Sent to Jail for 14 Days

Meanwhile, a Judicial Magistrate has sent 11 Chinese nationals on 14-day judicial remand while directing the Federal Investigation Agency to present a charge sheet against the suspects.

They were allegedly involved in trafficking Pakistani women through sham marriages and forcing them into prostitution after taking them to China.

The investigation officer (IO) produced the suspects before the court after their two-day physical remand expired while stating that further custody is not required, as there is no possibility of more disclosures by the suspects.

Upon this, magistrate Amir Raza Bittu sent the suspects to jail on 14-day judicial remand and directed the IO to submit the challan within the required time.

The suspects include Libing Liu, Hongfa Yang, Bo Wang, Gongze He, Chuanjia Liu, Tianyi Liu, Feng Xu Yang, Chan yen, Song Guoqian, Liu and Wei Linping.

The individuals have been accused by the FIA of fake marriages with Pakistani women with the help of local facilitators and then trafficking them to China for sexual exploitation and organ trade.

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