Here’s What Samsung Fixed on The Galaxy Fold

Samsung has been working on improving its fancy $2000 foldable smartphone ever since its release was postponed due to problems with early review units. The company said that it needed more time to investigate and improve and thus, all the units were recalled and launch events were adjourned.

And now, a recent report from the South Korean tech giant details the improvements that were made.


The protective film that was apparently not supposed to be removed from the face of the phone is now tucked in under the body. Early reporters removed this protective film which resulted in damage to the display. Thanks to this improvement, the film cannot be peeled off of the phone so easily anymore. There’s also a huge warning label on the box, saying that the film is not meant to be removed and doing so will result in the phone breaking down.

Another reported issue with the phone was that debris was able to get into it through small gaps present in the hinge. The debris lodged into the phone, making bulges in the display and caused all sorts of damage. Now Samsung is reportedly reducing the gap between the top and bottom parts of the hinge in order to prevent unwanted debris falling in and causing damage. Although dust will still accumulate in between, Samsung at least makes sure there’s less of a chance for the phone getting damaged.

Release Date

Hopefully resolving all these issues will revive the appetite for the phone for consumers. It is set to go on sale in its home country around June so a global release should be expected sometime after that. There’s no word on an official international release date still.

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