Xiaomi Crowdfunds a 3-in-1 Power bank Flashlight and Bag Holder

Xiaomi, under its crowdfunding program, has a number of Chinese sub-brands. Despite having a vast variety of gadgets, the tech giant is always able to something weird or outlandish every other day.

This time, Xiaomi’s ecosystem company, Yule Life (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd. Came up with a weird yet interesting innovation called the Youle LOVExtend 3-in-1. It is a small hand sized gadget that works like a power bank, flashlight, and grocery bag holder.

Power Bank and Flashlight

This small device has a 3000 mAh battery packed in it which comes with a 5V/1A input port and an output port which can be accessed by opening the wall like structure on the outside. The charging output is not very impressive, especially in the era where fast charging is commonplace, however, in case anyone needs emergency power, this power bank will do.

There is also power on/off button on top of the device which is used for the flashlight. The flashlight comes with a luminous flux of 30 Lux and a 150 IMA LED lamp. It can work pretty well if you need a small flashlight in emergencies.

Shopping Bag Holder

As mentioned earlier, the device has a wall like structure that can be opened and closed. The same wall is used for holding your grocery bags. It removes the strain of handling a plastic bag from your hand (doesn’t dig into your hands) and can withstand 10 kgs of weight.

The device is 10.3 cm long and is 3 cm wide. It is currently available on the Youpin store at a price of $7. It comes in black, gray and green colors and follows the minimalistic design like all other Xiaomi products.

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