SBP Relaunches 8877 SMS Service For Issuance of Fresh Currency Notes

State Bank of Pakistan, through its subsidiary SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC), has relaunched the SMS service for issuance of fresh currency notes to the general public.

The booking of the service shall commence from 19th May, 2019, while the issuance of fresh currency through mobile SMS service will start from 20th May and continue till the 31st May, 2019.

An individual can obtain 3 packets of Rs.10/- and 1 packet each of Rs. 50/- & Rs. 100/-.

The fresh currency notes will be available from designated commercial bank branches called “e-branches” and the sixteen field offices of SBP BSC. The service will be provided through 1702 e-branches & 16 SBP BSC offices in 142 cities across Pakistan to ensure maximum geographical coverage.

The branch IDs of designated e-branches are available at SBP website, PBA website, commercial banks websites and will also be displayed prominently outside designated e-branches. It may be noted that the branch ID for e-branch is different from the existing branch/SWIFT code of banks.

Under this facility, a person may send an SMS message comprising 13 digits CNIC/Smart card Number and desired e-branch ID to short code 8877. The charges for the service are Rs. 1.50/- plus tax, per SMS.

For Example: [32453-3454432-1(space)KHI001]

2 Day Validity Time To Collect New Currency Notes

The person will receive an SMS containing redemption code, e-branch address and the code validity period in return.

Redemption code received by the customer will be valid for two working days as per the mentioned dates in the SMS. The customer may then approach the concerned e-branch along with his/her original CNIC/Smart card, a photocopy of the CNIC/Smart card and transaction code received from 8877 to obtain fresh currency notes.

It is also notified that each CNIC/Smart card number or mobile phone number can only be used once. No transaction code will be issued to the sender in case he/she sends the same CNIC/Smart card number from different mobile numbers or sends different CNIC/Smart card numbers from the same mobile number during the service.

Further, the system shall provide the fresh currency notes on a first come first serve basis and new bookings will be closed once the system reaches its capacity.

  • Stupid people of pak provide governments extra chance to print more currency notes and raise inflation.

  • How many notes are in one Gaddi? I mean what will be the cost of RS 10 / 100 / 50 notes?

    • جواب دیر سے آتا ہے۔
      آپ ایک اور میسج کرکے چیک کر لیں آگر آپ کا پراسس مکمل ہوا تو آپ کو بتا دیا جائے گا۔

  • koi hai jo bata sakay kab start hogi service abhi tak tu nahi hoi please jab start ho koi allah ka banda mujhy sms kar k bata day on 03454311774

    • service shuru ho gayi hai yaar , booking bhi ho rahi hai or fori response bhi aa raha hai,

  • میں نے تقریبا آٹھ سے دس میسج کیے ہیں کوئی جواب نہیں آیا

  • Sir sbp ky system ko Kha ho ghia Hy sirf khyzan full karny k liy sms ka koi jawab nahin

  • I have send several sms today but Still getting no responce from sms service.
    Plz guide if any one have any detail regarding .

    Best Regard !

    Rana Fakhar

  • I was having same problem
    The CNIC should be with – I received the response already
    Format is xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x space e-branchID

  • I was having same problem
    The CNIC should be with dashes. I received the response in few seconds after sending CNIC with the correct format

  • Finally , I have received the confirmation sms of fresh notes after sending 4 or 5 sms to 8877.
    Please use Cnic with dashes

  • no response still, sent with correct format, all of you who received reply from 8877, how much time it taken? and how many texts did you send at 8877?

  • I sent message at 10:20 and just received after 1 hr. I think service is now working but overloaded with requests

  • main nay apny or bhai k mob sy sms kiya jazz k networks han hum dono k lkn abi tak koe reply nai aya

  • received a message “Fresh notes against CNIC# 00000-0000000-0 have already been availed
    but i have not received any message regarding detail of bank where i availed the facility ???

  • Jazz network not replying
    I tried same nic with ufone it says you already availed against this cnic
    Afterthat i call to call center he says contact to SBP.

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