PM Imran Khan Wants to Increase the Retirement Age in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to consider increasing the retirement age limit of civil servants and the early retirement of dead wood.

The orders have been made in a bid to transform the bureaucratic structure of the country. The current superannuation of the civil servants is 60 years while the average life expectancy has increased to 69 years. Therefore, the age limit can be increased by at least three years.

The premier has instructed the Finance Ministry to present its deliberations within two days. As per the sources, the PM’s directions could not be implemented in 48 hours, as the ministry needs a thorough study of the implications of the change in age limit.

Hence, the finance ministry has asked for more time from the PM Office to review the proposal that will bring drastic financial and administrative implications.

“The prime minister has been pleased to desire that the finance secretary will hold consultations with the Establishment Division and the finance departments of the governments of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to evaluate legal, financial, and administrative implications of increasing the age of retirement and early retirement,” read the instructions from the PM Office.

Notably, any change in the retirement age limit would be possible only after amendment in the Civil Service Act of 1973. The government lacks a majority in the Senate to get any bill passed.

Moreover, the concept of early retirement exists only in armed forces. It has increased the pension bill of the military, constituting 77 percent of the total pension bill of the federal government.

The idea of raising the age limit was proposed by the Task Force on Institutional Reforms. The Task Force’s Chairman Dr. Ishrat Hussain said that initially, the age limit of federal secretaries should be increased only.

However, the members opposed the move, saying doing so will raise legal challenges for the government. Still, it made it to the PM Office. The increase has been proposed to control the pension-related expense that has significantly increased in recent years.

  • Bad move. We need to move on a lot of these old timers and their archaic practices and processes as soon as possible.

  • Good news but meanwhile Sindh not a part of Pakistan plz appoved by Prime Minister bcz most of people best choice for serve in health department Dow University

    • With due respect plz all the health department send this letter for 63 age for retirement
      Thanx for

  • kia jb banda mrne wala ho tb retire krna chahiye…us Allah b aur akhri waqt be den ta k wo bachon ko bta sake k usne zindgi pe kahan ghaltiyan ke.

  • Very stupid approach in a country where unemployment is crushing issue. Also a big hurdle for young blood promotion . The problem for payment of GPF and graduity to retired emploees may be sought out in some installments rather once during these financial crisis years.

  • Pretty sure this is fake or inaccurate news. What morality will he have if he reduces age of teachers in punjab to 55, but increases the bar for federal secs.

  • Ret age should rather b reduced 2 shunt out old delinquents n allow digitally literate fresh blood 2 serve this country and bring improvement.
    C*caine Khan Ni*zi can not obviously think clearly that such decisions are not at his discretion.
    25 yr of service or 58 years of age should serve as the best rule.
    Incr in avg age to 69y does not mean that a person will be able to enjoy sound physical and mental health till that age.

  • With reference to Financial Circumstances/Crisis it is best way
    to extend 3 years in all Govt and Private Deptts unttill Dec 2023 and till Dec 2023 New Appointments of Youngsters be
    made on Contract basis renewable and after Dec 2023 all Contractual appointments be converted into Regular service and three years extension after Dec 2023 should not be further
    allowed if financial Crisis does not exist at that time.
    Inam ur Rehman

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