Windows 10 20H1 Update: New Features and Improvements

The next big Windows 10 update is expected to roll out by Spring next year. As builds for the new update are available to Windows Insiders, we are able to get a glimpse of the upcoming features, improvements and bug fixes that come with the Windows 10 20H1 update.

Let’s have a look.

Sandbox Improvements

Windows Sandbox is a feature that was introduced with the May 2019 update. The feature allows you to test programs and downloads in a virtual machine that has no effect on your normal Windows environment. A handy feature for testing out a new program without harming your computer.

The new update adds support for configuration files in Windows Sandbox which allows you to configure some aspects of the sandbox. For example, you can now set custom configurations for GPU, networking and shared folders.

Other changes to Windows Sandbox include the addition of hotkeys and some bug fixes.

Windows Update Improvements

Microsoft has added yet another much needed feature to Windows Update. The new update adds an option to limit the amount of bandwidth used for downloading Windows Updates.

You can now add an absolute value in Mbps for both, foreground and background, downloads. This will not only stop Windows Update from hogging your internet speed but will also help you limit the data it uses in case you have limited bandwidth.

Notepad Improvements

The new notepad now saves a backup onto your PC and restores all of your unsaved content in case of a power outage or an automatic restart from Windows Update.

Other Updates

  • Emoji 12.0 update
  • Support for 39 new languages with Swiftkey
  • Your Phone App improvements
  • Dictation support for more languages
  • Friendly Dates from Explorer removed
  • File explorer improvements
  • Predictive typing
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Task manager improvements
  • New One Drive icon
  • Windows Ink Workspace Improvements
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
  • Narrator improvements