LPG Prices Drop by Rs. 5.8 Per Kg

The federal government has reduced prices of local liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by Rs. 68.47 (per 11kg cylinder) for July. After the revised rates, an 11.8 kg cylinder will cost Rs. 1,330.92 this month.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has also issued a notification in this regard. The notification mentioned that the new prices of a domestic cylinder would come down from Rs. 1,399.39 (in June) to Rs. Rs. 1,330.92.


Govt Cuts LPG Prices by 10%

The per KG price, according to OGRA notification, was cut by 4.89 percent or Rs. 5.80 per kg. The previous per kg price was Rs. 118.59; it would now be available at Rs. 112.79.

This is the second consecutive month where LPG prices have declined. Prices in June were reduced by 11.43 percent or Rs. 181 per cylinder.


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The authority has set the marketing/distribution margin at Rs. 35,000 per ton or Rs. 413 per 11.8kg cylinder. With an added petroleum levy of Rs. 4,669 per ton, the price would translate into Rs. 55.09 per cylinder.

Without adding the General Sales Tax (GST), LPG’s consumer price would be Rs. 96,402 per ton – it was Rs. 101,360.99 last month. After adding a 17% GST, the cost would go to Rs. 112,790.81 per ton or Rs. 1,330.92 per cylinder.