Pakistan Starts Exporting Locally Manufactured Cranes

While the country is yet to produce its own indigenous mass-produced car, Pakistan has been doing reasonably well in terms of vehicles used in construction and other general use vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Javaid Industrial Company (JIC) is one such entity that has been producing cranes that can be attached to diesel trucks, tractors and other vehicles as well as installed onto Hino trucks. JIC has sold such trucks to multiple organizations both in the construction business and outside of it to other industries.

Recently, the company successfully negotiated a deal for these vehicles with a company in Bangladesh – not surprising given their quality, which is a major selling point to large corporations that deal with waste management or construction and even electric companies.

It is heartening to see such intricate equipment being produced in the country especially as their export will help boost our economic growth and recovery.

  • Many other companies like Bilal Engineering are making such cranes and other equipment for years. Please do some research before publishing such articles, unless they are sponsored, of course…

    • I Know personally the JIC Team who have been into this profession way back in 80’s. accept the hardwork and try to priase them the way they are working is really appreciateable and should be rewarded by good concerns. JIC was first to do such kind of engineering manufactuere later the bilal etc came to existance. Bilal is still relying on the R&D of JIC. I had bad experence with them. I personally had exported alot of Loaders manufactured by JIC in Australia and they are really doing good. Please try to praise pakistani manufactueres, instead of win win situations.

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