Govt Considering to Legalise Sheesha Cafes

Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination has suggested legalizing sheesha cafes.

All Pakistan Café and Restaurant Association representative, Talha Iqbal, believes that tax of Rs 100 on the sale of sheesha would result in tax collection of millions in a year from just one sheesha cafe.

Talking to a private news channel, the head of the committee, Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq explained that the government does not benefit from the sales of sheeshas and that despite raids, sheesha restaurants in posh areas keep doing their business. He suggested the representation of the tobacco industry in the committee.

The Senator also added that now the adults bring sheesha to their homes, meaning that all of the family members indirectly smoke. He questioned that if it is not banned in developed countries of the world, why have we banned the use of sheesha.

Due to these reasons, the committee is considering to abolish the ban on sheesha, which would result in tax collection.

The parliamentarian said that they are moving towards a documented economy from a black economy in line with Imran Khan’s vision.

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  • What more to expect from “enlightened” people in PTI? and this is from the standing committee on national “health” services !! How much health aware and health conscious they are !!

    • A simple question if you like to answer without getting offended. Since when Health “Awareness” of a third world country has become more “Enlightened” than Modern world? And where that “health Enlightenment” vanishes when it comes to Cigarettes? And Why its same pattern in all third world countries?

    • So you are Ok with the sale of cigarettes which kills millions of people every year and never asked your enlightened leaders from Panama about it

  • Good ” Phir Herooin, Afheeem, Charas, Etc” Pe Q Pabandi Hai :

    Certified Halall Kar Dona :

  • Can SomeOne Advised to the Government “What Does Mean By Nasha According to Islam”

  • This is a good step, As Shisha is not haram in the first place. The whole of Arabia smokes shisha it is even available in Makkah tul Mukaramah. They should make a regulatory authority which should ensure that young people not mix drugs in it and such. Shisha is not an issue.

      • Been doing since 2001 3 Sheeshas minimum every single day, challenge no affect at all! Get my self tested every six month all smooth and clear!

        And can give you plenty of other people ding same. Try to learn about the total mechanism between sheesha and cigrate ; you will know the difference.

        You find plenty of “theoretical” articles by so called doctors and researchers but NONE literally NONE is able to produce one single case of a patient particularly due to smoking sheesha. except sharing smoke pipe with someone having some contagious disease or some one mixing other stuff with sheesha flavor etc.

    • Its available everywhere regulated and openly served. Except third world countries where cigarette companies have access to parliament and our beloved doctors both filthy corrupt can publish any thing for a piece of dime.

      Its a proven fact sheesha is the largest competitor of cigarette companies. It hurts their business like anything. Thats the core reason behind the campaign “One Sheesha is like smoking 80 Cigarettes”.

  • These morons are the sole owner of these cafe chains. If this is real, I’ll say “f..k Khan’s vision”

  • An amazing step. Hum pehle hi third world country hain not just economically laikin soch k hisaab se bhi.
    This is the right step.

  • Good step. You can not ban anything. Best thing you can do is to legalize something and then control its usage to a certain age grouo. Pakistan needs to legalize marijuana and alcohol too. This cosmetic ban that we have here is only costing government the tax money that it could earn. People are buying alcohol/weed from local dealers everyday. Jisay pina hota hey woh peeta hey, koe usay rok nahi sakta

  • This is a good way to collect more taxes, its not Haram, same as cigarettes … jis ko pina hai piyo …. BUT PAY TAX FIRST

  • And people were expecting Medina ke riyasat hahah. Do u really think that a random playboy can make Medina ke riyasat. It was a political statement to make people fools but don’t worry people are already fools so it wasn’t that hard.

  • It was banned due to the fact that some fouji thoughts that its the source of co-gathering for males and females

  • Kya koi mujy bata sakta h k pakistan me shisha cafe open krny k liya kis edary sy legal authority mil sakti h….???

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