Daraz Introduces Image Reviews to Empower Customers

Daraz, the largest marketplace in Pakistan, has introduced a new way to empower its customers. While the platform already allowed customers to post reviews about their experiences of shopping on the app, Daraz has now introduced Image Reviews so that customers can make smarter purchasing choices and review the products they have bought on the platform in greater detail.

With Image Reviews, customers can post pictures with their reviews of any product they have bought from the platform. This allows customers to describe their experience of shopping on the app in greater detail.

Additionally, customers looking to buy a certain product are able to take into consideration these reviews and view images of that good before they decide to make the purchase.

In order to review a product with images, customers can follow a few simple steps.

With products from thousands of sellers available on the Daraz app, customers have a large variety to explore and choose from. Over the past few months, the number of products on offer has grown to over 5 million. As a result, to make shopping on the app a fun and easy experience for customers, Daraz has implemented a number of protection and empowerment policies. Image reviews fits perfectly with these policies as it does just that.

  • aliexpress had this feature decades ago…but still it’s a good thing daraz introduced that too.I was waiting for this feature a long time ago.thumbs up to daraz.

  • I used aliexpress a lot… and it seems like daraz is a 2 months old baby trying to move his hands but don’t know which direction.. daraz needs a lot to learn

  • I was cheated by a seller on daraz when I tried to put this whole situation in my review, daraz simply removed all expect the image. Rip daraz.pk

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