ICJ’s Decision on Kulbhushan to Further Demoralize RAW Agents

The International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) verdict, that upheld Pakistani military court’s death sentence to Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, will further demoralize several RAW agents, many of whom have already disappeared without a trace.

Do not take our words for it; here’s what the Indian media says.

Multiple prestigious media outlets in the neighboring country have revealed that over the years, many RAW agents on foreign postings have vanished completely. Several of them became moles to international intelligence agencies or worked as a double agent before completely disappearing.


Indian Foreign Minister Admits Defeat in Balakot Airstrike Saga

In 2004, leading Indian Magazine Outlook had published a detailed report on the disgruntled Indian spies who defected to foreign countries.

For the first time, the firm has admitted that eight of its key operatives have gone missing—almost all while on critical assignments outside the country— since the agency’s creation in the late ’60s.

The magazine went on to report that most of them disappeared on their posts, now living in the USA, Canada or England under assumed names and false passports.

A number of them, it now turns out, were well-guarded ‘assets’ in the hands of foreign agencies, a euphemism for double agents, and are now green cardholders in the United States or UK citizens.


Indian Soldiers Jailed for Leaking Information to Fake FB Girls From Pakistan

Deccan Herald – another leading Indian daily had published a report on April 2010 stating that RAW had a history of operatives who switched loyalties during their foreign assignments.

India’s external Intelligence agency RAW also has a history of officials switching their loyalties to foreign agencies. The most infamous case which shook RAW out of reverie was that of Rabinder Singh who became a mole of the American intelligence agency.

In the same month, NDTV – another renowned newspaper in India reported that an Indian diplomat stationed in Islamabad was called back after she was found to be ‘leaking important information’ to a Pakistani man she fell in love with.

Meanwhile, the noted former RAW Chief A.S Dulat has confessed that the Indian spy agency has failed to lure any ISI official to work as their mole.

In his book “The Spy Chronicles, RAW, ISI, and Illusion of Peace” published in 2018, the former Indian Spymaster wrote:

Or not to my knowledge, at a level where it counts. If you go back to the Cold War, the main task of a CIA officer was to find a defector somehow. If a CIA guy found a defector then for the rest of his career, he didn’t need to do anything, because he had done what was supremely required. On our side, I don’t think we’ve ever imagined it properly, and I don’t think we’ve succeeded.


ICJ Rejects India’s Petition in Kulbhushan Jadhav Case

Indian media is rife with the stories of officers of their armed forces being ‘honey-trapped’ by ISI officials to leak out ‘sensitive information.’

Earlier this year, an Economic Times story had pointed out a case where an alleged female ISI operative disguised as an Indian doctor had successfully lured at least 50 Indian army officials.

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