Xiaomi’s New Driving Assistant Can Navigate, Play Songs and Much More

70Mai, Xiaomi’s leading smart car electronics chain known for promoting safe and smart driving with the help of its subsidiary, has released yet another car accessory but this time, it is not their typical dashcam rather they have launched a smart driving assistant.

Apart from this, another interesting daily use gadget launched by Xiaomi’s crowdfunding program is the reasonably priced MIJIA electric screwdriver.

Let’s see what both the devices feature:

70Mai Smart Driving Assistant

The 70Mai smart driving assistant MIJIA customized edition comes with MT8665 special car chip that is specially designed for the driving environment. This chip ensures power optimization and keeps the device on standby at all times.

The driving assistant can be connected to your smartphone via the 70Mai application which enables car tracking, remote navigation, access to WeChat along with some other functions. It also comes with Gaode map, voice command interface, best route planning, road condition querying, etc. All these functions can be accessed via voice commands or the 70Mai application.

One of the best features of this driving assistant is its compatibility with MIJIA smart home devices, which means you can control your smart home devices via the car assistant using voice prompt.

Moreover, if you connect your smartphone with the device via Bluetooth, you will be able to receive/send calls and play songs via voice prompt.

Apart from this 70Mai smart driving assistant comes with AHD video transmission interface and also supports 720p videos. It can be connected to 70Mai’s parking monitor and reverse camera (both are sold separately).

The smart driving assistant standalone is currently being sold in China at $116 price tag and the version bundled with 70Mai HD dashcam is being sold at $145.

Electric Screwdriver

The MIJIA electric screwdriver has created a crowdfunding record for the category. More than 10,000 units were sold in less than an hour. Like all other MIJIA gadgets, it has a minimalistic design, but we will not go there. The most impressive feature of this gadget is its high 5Nm torque which is enough for almost all electric appliances.

Since the screwdriver is constructed using high-quality engineered plastic that is heat and dust resistant, the device is durable and sturdy. Battery wise, the electric screwdriver comes with a 2000 mAh unit that can tighten 180 screws before running out of power.

For versatility, the electric screwdriver comes with 12 different steel bits crafted with precision. The gadget is currently available for sale in China at $23.

  • Interesting from house of Xiaomi. As Pakistan is in the phase digitalization in Auto, in telecoms, education, this is a welcome sign. I’m currently working with the EU for digitalization of transport in Pakistan and compliant to EU standards on safety, climate change, emissions, accident avoidance etc., Xiaomi could be a partner to be consider as we are doing a lot with the EU.

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