FIA Unearths Illegal Visa Sticker Business

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has tracked people selling illegal visa stickers stolen from the passport office. The investigation agency has sought a complete record of visa sticker sales for the past 15 years.

According to an insider source, hundreds of visa stickers were stolen from the passport office and were sold out to foreigners that wanted to visit Pakistan.

The source suggested that each stolen sticker was sold for thousands of rupees. The investigation agency has now asked the concerned department to submit the complete record before July 26.

Moreover, FIA has also unearthed over 150 illegal recruitments in the passport office done by previous governments.

The department has started an inquiry into the matter, and the record of recruitment for the last ten years has been acquired.

The source said that the vacant posts were never advertised in any newspaper. The administration of the passport office allegedly took hefty bribes for the illegal recruitments.

The employees were contracted against the rule book and were also awarded an extension for more bribes.