Imam-ul-Haq in Hot Waters Over Allegedly Dating Multiple Women While on Tours

From match-fixing allegations to consistently being inconsistent, Pakistan’s cricket team always remains one step away from making controversial headlines.

In the latest development, Pakistan’s opener Imam-ul-Haq has allegedly been exposed by several women, who accuse him of dating them and being involved with them at the same.

Imam is already fighting to justify his place in the Pakistan national team due to his relationship with the former Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq; with this latest controversy, he will find it even more difficult to do so.

Although these matters remain personal but being a public figure, he is responsible for carrying the pride of the nation. Imam-ul-Haq has not only let down the women he was allegedly involved with but also the entire nation.

National Duty or National Embarrassment?

The allegations made towards Imam-ul-Haq date back to six months. During the time, he was involved in playing several series for Pakistan including the World Cup.

The biggest question that arises is that: was Imam actually involved in these scandals while on national duty on foreign tours?

It is expected that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will take a look into this matter but nothing for certain right now.

Here is everything you need to know about the controversy:

Women open up about Imam.

Betrayal, Betrayal

Taking a stand

  • This idiot must be thrown out. He is a useless clown anyway. Had it not been for parchi, this joker wouldn’t have made it in playing 11. Now is the good time to get him done and dusted.

  • Where Imam is a Play Boy, these Women are not Angels either. They should be equally held accountable for their illegal relationship.
    This is the sole reason why Islam tells men and women to get Nikah done before engaging in any sexual relationship.
    This holds both man and a woman Accountable and preserves the Rights for both.

  • If a key can unlock several locks, what’s the fuss? Let the key be utilised to the max. Lucky dude.

  • Samajh Nahi A Raha : IMAM Ko Banda Baten Sunaye Ya Trick Seekhe K Kaise Kar Lete Ho Ye Sub

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