HBL Posts Rs. 3.92 Billion in Profits During H1 2019

The profitability of Habib Bank Limited reduced by a record level of 50 percent in the first half of 2019 compared with the corresponding period of 2018.

The massive drop in the profit of the HBL is a bad sign for the banking industry as over Rs. 4 billion evaporated on the balance sheet of one of the leading bank of the country.

According to the financial results, the profit after tax for H1 2019 stood at Rs 3.92 billion compared to Rs 8.12 billion for the same period last year.

The adverse market conditions have impacted the bank’s results. These include a further 15% depreciation in the value of the Rupee and a 9% fall in the continuously declining PSX.

The bank’s board declared a dividend of Rs. 1.25 per share (12.5%).

HBL’s total advances increased by 5.1% over last year to Rs 1.1 trillion as the bank continues to support its customers over the entire spectrum of businesses and segments it serves. Its consumer business, added nearly Rs 4 billion in loans to individuals whilst adhering to sound risk management protocols. Trade volumes improved by 30%.

After a period of consolidation, our international business is returning to growth and profitability as a 30% growth in advances and a 16% rise in deposits have resulted in revenues increasing by 40%.

HBL’s net interest income rose by 20%, driven by a Rs 180 billion increase in average domestic advances, improvement in margins and a return to growth from the Bank’s international business. Domestic fees grew by an impressive 15%, led by the cards business, trade fees and investment banking business delivering a stellar financial performance on the back of landmark deals.

H1 2019 saw HBL hold a market-leading position in most business segments. In the strategically vital CPEC initiative, HBL is the largest executor of CPEC related financing in Pakistan. HBL’s recent partnerships in the development of Rashakai Special Economic Zone (SEZs) and PV Solar projects. HBL remains the largest private sector lender in farmer financing and the largest SME bank in the country.

Recently, Visa has acknowledged that HBL Credit Card is Pakistan’s No. 1 Visa Credit Card portfolio in terms of payment volume; HBL continues to be the market leader in acquiring business with a 17% increase from 2018.

During the year, the bank continued to be recognized, through multiple international awards, for its superior brand, products and services, as well as for its ability to execute landmark deals. HBL was declared Pakistan’s Best Bank by Euromoney. HBL also won 2019 Asiamoney Awards for Best Domestic Bank, Best Corporate & Investment Bank and Best Bank for CSR.

The bank’s title sponsorship of the 4th HBLPSL, a great boost to the brand, also highlights HBL’s efforts towards the development of youth and the discovery of talent for Pakistan.

  • I was a recent customer of HBL since 2012 and I can you this thay their customer response management is worse. They don’t do when I visited their branches. My applications were denied. It took a lot of time to change address, numbers and even gey ATM cards. I am closing my account soon. They have been useless service now.

  • I’m since 2000 with hbl. now on line and hbl app system very fast and 24 hr calling response good .but mostly branches staff specially customer service very sick and confused behavior as like untrained or under pressure.

  • One of the worst customer service,
    untrained professional staff,
    and most importantly slow processing time for newer accounts.

  • They are foxing the govt and the people. They are charging exorbitant fees under different heading from clients. They have squeezed the economy by overcharging. State Bank is not protecting the consumers. Biggest mafia is the banking sector. They are charging 4 to 6% on Kibor which is highest in the world.
    Banks are the hidden culprits of corruption, loot, benami accounts money ,laundering.

  • حبیب بینک شیرگڑھ ضلع مردان میں میرا اکاؤنٹ چل رہا ہے. حال ہی میں بینک کی توسیع ہوچکی ہے. لیکن کسٹمرز کو کوئی ریلیف نہیں ملا. سٹاف بڑھایا جا چکا ہے مگر کاؤنٹر وہی 2 ہیں. اکثر اکاؤنٹ ہولڈرز کو لائن میں کھڑے ہوکر گھنٹوں انتظار کرنا پڑرہا ہے. میرے جیسے معمر اور کمزور افراد کیلئے ایسا انتظار تقریبا ناممکن ہے. اس لئے میں اس بینک سے اپنا 21سالہ رفاقت ختم کرنے کا سوچ رہا ہوں.

  • HBL is the largest exploiters to its staff members. It treats worst with the retiring old age staff. Gives no pension and care to post retirees. Some of the devoted loyal Habians are facing hard financial crises only because of little pension benefit. What to do with its lead in the market position when the workers are in tense position even after retirement. The bank should improve its social aspects specially relating to medical care to HBL retirees.

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