Leaked Windows 10 Build Reveals A Completely Different Start Menu

In a recent accidental leak, Microsoft released an internal-only version of Windows 10 to the beta testers. And with the leak, it is evident that the company is clearly considering new design changes for the start menu of the Windows UI.

As seen in the image, Microsoft is working on a simplified version of the Windows’ iconic elements. The OS maker seems to have ditched live tiles and shifted to simpler application icons. It also has a search bar on the top and a suggested application area beneath it.

The video shows the changes currently available in the internal-only version of Windows 10. The button redesign looks like it is specifically made to be tablet-friendly. It might be a part of Microsoft’s plan to launch its rumored foldable dual-screen device.

Another speculation making rounds on the internet is that this build is meant for internal Xbox development, thus the build was not meant for the insiders.

On the other hand, some analysts are saying the redesign is for Windows Lite. We don’t know if these features will ever make it to market though since Microsoft is looking into the matter and has said that the test release shouldn’t even have reached beta testers in the first place.

    • Yes, you can download the ISO of the latest windows from Microsoft website and then make boot into a bootable device (SD Card, USB or DVD) and after that activate windows by using product key.

    • Windows 10 Build 18947 is yet to be released. Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build is 18945.

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