Here’s Why Jazz is Ideally Positioned to Offer Best 3G/4G Speeds

Pakistan currently has over 66 million 3G/4G users who consume data services on their smartphones. Whether it’s watching cricket matches or making Whatsapp calls to friends and family, there’re a lot of things that have made lives easier for Pakistanis while they are on the go.

The number is only growing and hence the demand for the data is also increasing. This essentially means that mobile phone operators need to be prepared for extremely high data demand — with sufficient coverage and broadband speeds that can handle large numbers of high-data users.

For 3G/4G speeds – while there are many factors – the most crucial thing is the spectrum that one operator has at its disposal for the provision of data services. In case you don’t know, a spectrum is like a pipe that is used to transmit data. The bigger the pipe, the higher the speed.

If we look at the size of the spectrum available to different operators, we can get an indication of how easy it would be for a mobile phone company to offer better speeds over its 3G and 4G networks.

Before we look at the spectrum allocation of all four mobile phone operators, it must be noted that Pakistani mobile phone operators are allotted spectrum in three bands:

  1. 850-900MHz
  2. 1800MHz
  3. and 2,100 MHz.

Below is how spectrum are allocated to each mobile phone company:

After going through the spectrum allocation map, here’s how much frequency is available to each operator:

  • Telenor: 10MHz in 850 + 4.5MHz in 900 + 8.8MHz in 1800 + 5MHz in 2100 bank = 28.6MHz
  • Ufone: 7.6MHz in 900 + 6MHz in 1800 + 5MHz in 2100 = 18.6 MHz
  • Zong: 7.6MHz in 900 + 16MHz in 1800 + 10MHz in 2100 = 33MHz
  • Jazz: 12.4MHz in 900 + 24.8 MHz in 1800 + 10MHz in 2100 = 47.2MHz

Jazz clearly has more spectrum than any other operator, and in case you are wondering how that happened; Jazz also acquired Warid’s spectrum when the merger happened.

More importantly, Jazz is looking to renew the Warid spectrum that it had obtained as the result of the merger, meaning that Jazz will be retaining the spectrum and will continue to lead with a higher spectrum.

The entire math means that Jazz is clearly best positioned to offer higher 3G and 4G speeds — which is evident from the fact that they recently achieved 140Mbps speeds on their 4G network in Islamabad. Below is a screenshot the test:

And by the way its not that other operators — having smaller spectrum space — can’t compete with Jazz at all; In fact they can, if they spend more on infrastructure. As previously stated, a spectrum is not the only factor involved for achieving higher speeds, but it’s one of the most important contributors for providing higher speeds and better end-user experience on data networks.

  • here is the problem, the network symbol shows 4g+ that means LTE-ADVANCE, as of my knowledge currently telenor has this network, also user interface of speedtest app is way older so i doubt about this speed

    • Jazz has also deployed 4G+ services in Islamabad. they are using 15 MHz of 1800 MHz plus 5 MHz of 900 MHz. So they have Carrier Aggregated 20 MHz Dual band 4G+ services.
      Telenor has 5 4G+ services with only 8 MHz. They are using 5 Mhz of 850 MHz and 3 MHz of 1800 MHz. So Telenor’s 4G+ spectrum is even half then Jazz 4G+.
      Moreover Zong has also succesfully tested and partially deployed 4G+ services in Lahore. They are using 20 MHz of 1800 MHz and 5 MHz of 2100 MHz. Which make their 4G+ a Dual Band CA 25 MHz.

      Telenor has habbit to announce half baked products just to be first. They are self declared first VoLTE network but no body ever used their VoLTE.

      • Zafar bhai, Jazz is using 20 MHz of 1800 MHz + 3 MHz of 900 MHz in Islamabad.

        Furthermore, most of Rawalpindi has also been upgraded from 15 MHz in B3 to 20 MHz.

        • but that happened because PTA shuffled 1800 MHz spectrum in Rawalpindi/Islamabad to make all Jazz-Warid 1800 MHz spectrum in line. rest of the country is still running on old allocation as mentioned in above pictures.

    • All 3 networks have LTE-A (4G+) right now, except Ufone.
      They’re not available in all cities. Zong is testing it in Lahore and other parts of Punjab. Jazz is testing it in Islamabad. And Telenor is trying to make a difference, but not doing a very great job.

      The UI in the screenshot is old because Jazz is using older phones as testing devices. App is not updated. The screenshot is very real.

  • Atleast in Lahore Zong is giving 15-20mbps where i live while Jazz gives around 3mbps.

    • This article is missing one very important point. Jazz has 60 Million customers means 0.78 MHz spectrum for 1 Million customers. Meanwhile Zong has 30 Million customers means 1.1 MHz spectrum for 1 Million customers. So according to user bass Zong has more spectrum than Jazz.

      • What is the importance of higher number of 4G cell sites? How can this be an edge ?

        • higher number of cell sites is also one of the factors as mentioned above. but we all know who has highest number of 4G cell sites. Telenor is expanding coverage with less 4G cell sites with the help of 850 MHz. Zong’s 1800 MHz needs twice the number of cell sites to cover the same area. And than comes the volume of spectrum to make difference.

  • Speed wise jazz is way better than others
    It gives 25mbps+ even during peak ours where zong drops to 3mbps
    Telenor has ping issue in my city almost 180+

  • Jazz safar doran to freeze hojata hay internet. Phone restart ya airplane mode main phenknay par theik hota hay ya kabhi wo bhi nahi hota.

    Main aik bar Jazz main port howa safar doran Google map dependent, aur Jazz nay itna tang kea uskay baad kabhi wapis Jazz main port nahi howa.

  • Why didn’t the compensation spectrum of 2100M and 1800M count for zong?Misleading consumers。

  • Dears
    By standard definition only that network qualifies to be 4G which delivers 1 Gbps throughput per sector carrier and that is possible by LTE Advanced
    No operator has enough spectrum to deliver 4G throughput. 10 percent 4G.

  • Only paid content jazz is offering haf corvege then zong jazz 4g not offering in village

  • While visited Hunza warid/jazz number was not working continously and data was not activating there but zong was smoothly working with better data network.

  • Stability and super fast speed , JAZZ – A Glorious sevice provider. I love it.

  • You people are lucky people that you got all these kind of facilities,in Gilgit baltistan only Scom provides 3g and 4g services it working too slow i have never seen any network like this I wish soon these facilities come to our homeland Gilroy baltistan hope pro Pakistani can do that for us..

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