Oppo Unveils Game Color Plus and Dual Wi-Fi to Optimize Gaming

Oppo premiered two new technologies at the Chinajoy Gaming Expo in Shanghai on August 2, showcasing a technology called “Game Color Plus” which claims to deliver augmented imaging and a “Dual Wi-Fi technology” that boosts network speed.

The two technologies are set to optimize users’ gaming experience by boosting the quality of gaming visuals, connection speed and seamless switching between networks.

Game Color Plus

“Game Color Plus”, is the result of a technical collaboration between Oppo and Qualcomm, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming and Snapdragon’s self-adaptive technology, “Game Color Plus” improves color saturation and contrast of games.

“Game Color Plus” also has the ability to fine-tune the visual presentation of the game and allows game scenes to better fit Oppo smartphone screens, giving users a better visual experience.

Oppo and Qualcomm have customized the UI design, parameter adjustment, bug fixes, performance and power tests, etc. As a result of this technical collaboration, Oppo is now the first smartphone manufacturer to apply “Game Color Plus” to deliver enhanced gaming visuals.

Effect contrast of PUBG MOBILE (left is after turning on “Game Color Plus”)

“Game Color Plus” also features optimized power saving, enhanced visual quality and better battery life. The new technology enables Oppo to use efficient hardware to design devices that require massive computing power in the future.

Dual Wi-Fi Technology

This new feature allows devices to connect to two different wireless networks simultaneously, and receive and send data independently, ramping up the overall connection speed of the device. The new feature is available for smartphones running on ColorOS 6.

Oppo’s Dual Wi-Fi technology is supported by the DBS/DBDC chip technology featured on Oppo Reno. It allows smartphones to connect to two different Wi-Fi hotspots (both of which can be set up on the same router), which may share the same SSID or have two different SSIDs, without any interference. It does this by using policy-based routing and link aggregation /diversion technology.

Dual Wi-Fi is enabled primarily to address two key scenarios. The first scenario is when the device detects a poor connection in the current network environment, it will immediately enable the alternate Wi-Fi connection. The second is when a user is downloading files, here the device enables Dual Wi-Fi to accelerate download speed.

The Oppo phone that supports this function enhances network speed and achieves seamless network switching, allowing users to enjoy the networking experience of playing games without dropping a connection, opening web pages without waiting, and watching videos online with a better connection.