Disappointed Jahangir Khan Shares Pictures of Dismal Conditions of Squash Courts

Sports facilities in Pakistan are often found in shambles due to the negligence of authorities. Except for a few cricket grounds, the other sports grounds can be seen in bad shape throughout the country.

Pakistanis once ruled the world of Squash. Players like Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan were the undisputed champions of the game for nearly two decades. Today, the young Squash players who idolize the likes of Jahangir and Jansher don’t have the proper facilities to pursue their dreams.

A number of squash facilities in Pakistan are being wasted. The former World Champion, Jahangir Khan, took to Twitter to highlight the poor condition of squash courts in the country.

Here are his tweets, highlighting the dismal state of affairs and poor management by the respective sports boards:

A couple of days after posting the shameful pictures of PSB squash court in Lahore, Jahangir Khan highlighted another sports complex with similar situation.

The pictures of Squash courts in Lahore and Islamabad, which are being managed by Pakistan Sports Board, reflect the level of negligence on display by the authorities.

The squash court in Lahore can be seen turned into a storeroom while the one in Sports Complex Islamabad is in slightly better condition, however, the seats are filthy and worn down.

The management of these facilities needs to ensure that these are fully functional so that the country may produce champion players once again.

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  • Jahangir Khan is brilliant. He should take charge and people will love and support him for it!

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