Toyota Launches the New HiAce Deluxe in Pakistan

As we reported earlier, the Indus Motor Company (IMC) had uploaded teaser images that hinted at the company launching the all-new 6th generation HiAce to replace the 5th generation model. The vehicle has been confirmed with the IMC launching the 2019 Toyota HiAce, called as HiAce Deluxe in Pakistan.

The mode has gone through drastic changes and has brought it up to speed with its contemporaries and in a first, it has a protruding bonnet, and the engine is longer under the front seat.


The most noticeable difference between this model and the previous one is that the engine has been repositioned to the front, giving it a protruding bonnet. This has been done with safety features in mind as in the event of a collision, the bonnet will soften the blow.

The added bonus is that this will allow a far more comfortable ride; alongside a new dashboard in the interior and will make life easier for the mechanics.

The model also features angular headlamps, a departure from the old model and a broader grille with a large chrome bar. In an attempt to spruce up the van, it has LED lights below the headlamps – another first. Interestingly, the new model in another departure from the old double door approach – this one only has one door.


Due to the engine going where it is meant to be, the floor of the van is on equal footing and most importantly no more heated engine seats for the driver and the front passenger, resulting in a reduction in noise and temperature. The new dashboard is a massive upgrade from the old one and allows the driver to change gears easily; reach the A/C dials, radio, and other controls far more comfortably.

In another first, it has an under-seat compartment in front of the cabin that will allow passengers to store snacks, drinks or other small items. It can comfortably seat up to 15 people and with the help of various seating layouts. The storage can capacity can be increased to match the needs of the passengers.


The model will be powered by a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel, both of which come with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Safety Features

The Hiace has a host of safety features including a central seat airbag with an additional two standard front passenger airbags. It features ABS brake system providing a much-needed safety cover to the passengers and an energy-absorbing shell that aims to protect the passengers in the event of a crash.


The van has an electro-chromic rear-view mirror that will lend better aid to the driver, an engine immobilizer with security alarm and key reminder with buzzer.

 The 2019 Toyota HiAce Deluxe is available in three variants, and is priced as:

HiAce Commuter Deluxe Std Roof MT PKR. 6,480,000/-
HiAce Commuter Deluxe High Roof MT PKR. 7,290,000/-
HiAce Tourer Deluxe High Roof AT PKR. 8,090,000/-

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