Xiaomi Launches A Pocket Sized Printer

Xiaomi has been launching a number of interesting products under its collaboration with third-parties like Youpin. The Chinese Tech Giant is big on introducing unique, pocket-sized and functional devices to the market. Its most recent release is a thermal pocket printer dubbed as Youdao Memobird G4.

This pocket-sized printer connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and an application that needs to be installed. The device is aimed at school going kids and the application comes with a question database with exercises from elementary school to high school.

Apart from this, the application supports taking photos, identifying the content of exercises and giving analysis within seconds.


Like other Xiaomi releases, this one also follows a minimalistic approach but the addition of a black aisle with some buttons on it gives it a chic look. Since it is a pocket printer, it is pretty small with 86.8 mm × 79.3 mm x 39 mm dimensions and only weighs 165 grams.


The printer comes with a built-in template to instantly align and print what you want to print. It is a thermal printer; hence it does not need any ink and only prints black and white documents and images. However, the print head is pretty high definition and features 306 dots per inch.

Battery and Pricing

The printer comes with a 900 mAh battery that can keep the device going for two hours and is enough to print out 8 rolls of paper.

The device is currently available at Xiaomi Youpin at a $42 price tag.

Via: Gizmochina