Beaconhouse Students Set a New Record in O and A Level Exams

Students of the Beaconhouse School System in Pakistan have set a new record by securing a total of 17,997 A*s and A’s in the 2019 CAIE O and A-Level exams. This is the highest number of A’s and A*’s received by any school network in Pakistan.

Beaconhouse School System has been hosting the A-Level program for three decades now while managing a growing network of 27 A-Level campuses across 16 cities.

The Beaconhouse College Program also offers an Access Center where counselors guide students with university placements and scholarships.

The system has a tradition of churning out students who secure admissions in top-ranked international and national universities. BSS students have received scholarships of $95 million in 2019 while having an alumni base of more than 90,000 individuals.

Beaconhouse students have also shown excellent performance in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and the Middle Year Program.

  • Higher the number of students, higher the chances for more As and A*s. Simple maths. If they had a high ratio of student amount to As and A*s then that would he better. There’s a reason KGS, SFS and other schools are chosen first over Beacon in Karachi atleast. They have a higher ratio. It is a good achievement no less.

  • Beaconhouse has nothing to do with students results. The reason students scored A* and A’s because they were either taking private tuitions or were enrolled in academies. Beaconhouse Bahria Town campus Lahore produced a shitty result. It is a education mafia who only care about receiving fees on time.

  • It seems same strategy used by British examination system as historical sub continent divide and rule policy. Give maximum rewards to there well-wishers.

    How can the safe heaven providers for anti Islamic, anti Pakistan, anti Muslim Economic policy designers, give justified results for all schools irrespective of there personal hidden benefits.

    Remember British are GORAS, the blood less. Recall the recent Cricket World Cup selfish rules.

  • The ratio of CAIE appearances can’t be ignored however, the matter of fact is that over decades of years, Beaconhouse School System has been a flag carrier in teaching its students all 21st Century skills and has gained the trust of millions of students across the country and worldwide.
    BSS family rocks!

  • What is the percentage of A and A*?
    Total number is completely irrelevant if you have highest number of students appearing in exams.

  • Beacon house has no comparison in list of good schools honestly this wonders happened after taking tuitions by renowned teachers. Students ratio is also considerably high.

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