Pakistani Student Invents Device That Measures Sugar Level Without A Blood Test

A student from Iqra University has developed a glucose-measuring device that provides accurate blood glucose results without having to prick and take out blood from the patients. The device also helps in measuring the pulse rate.

University student, Muhammad Faizan, has called this device as a ‘non-invasive blood test’. It took two-year’s hard work and research to develop this instrument. This manual device comprises an infrared sensor, LED, photodiode, IC and other circuits.

The device can really make a difference in the lives of people with diabetes. Currently, around 30 to 40 million people suffer from diabetes in Pakistan. It will make the blood tests way easier for people who have to check their glucose levels more than once a day.

Another good thing about this device is that it is economical, costing only Rs. 1500. The device contains a round box with infrared diodes and sensors. When a person puts a finger on this box, light falls on it and the display shows the blood sugar level.

Faizan started developing this device two years ago under the guidance of Dr. Irfan Anis.

  • Faizan it’s a great invention. If you would like to scale up let’s discuss investment and partnership

  • فیضان صاحب اس ڈیوائس کو جلدی سے پیٹنٹ کروالو اور اس کو بنا کر سیل کرو امید ہے کہ اس کی بہت مانگ ہوگی اور ڈالروں کا طوفان آجائے گا پاکستان میں

    • Such device was disapproved by FDA due to accuracy in reading long ago,
      However if it is available commercially it will be good for Diabetic patients for estimation of Blood Sugar level without taking blood samples

  • Great work faizan… May Allah bless are pride of Pakistan! …hope you will work more for your country

    • First congratulations to you i hope there many more people like you who can make devices
      For other illnesses to check
      And finally where can I buy this from uk

  • Hopefully this device will be real.
    We can’t afford another agha waqar who drove his car with water.

    • And also Theranos. After Theranos, people are sceptical about any blood testing devices. Any doctors or medical electronics professionals should scrutinise it thoroughly.

  • Make it open source. Give it away for free. That’s the only way to get around big pharmacy. Give it to China so they can mass produce it and flood the market. If you really want to save lives, you can’t be profit driven.

  • Congratulations is in order! Now the medical industry will do everything to sabotage your product to make sure they are not the ones losing out or will try to capitalize on it, making it unavailable to the poor people who really needs it. You can sit on mountain of fortune like the rest or be noble and find a way to share your invention with the people whom can not otherwise afford it. I myself check my blood sugar only once a week due to cost.

  • It’s an ind effort, collective effort n sincerity is NOW required 2 b dissolved by LEADERS not POLITICIANS

  • Amazing invention! Congratulations. Can you please inform us where we can buy it from….? I am sure millions of people will be interested in your device.

  • Thank you for your effortless time and inquiry to develop this truly life saving devise. When will it be available to the world?

  • Here are the next steps, validate tech, if checks out make inventor billionair, buy tech send it to the masses… apple watch, dexcon, abbot perhaps… the race is on… lol or another crash and burn time will tell…

    • Many people have multiple chronic conditions that prevents them from eating this way.
      Plus people with type 1 diabetes have a different need altogether and must have insulin injections and check their blood sugar several times a day their whole lives!

    • Type 1 diabetes will still cause blood sugars to rise as the pancreas does not produce insulin.
      Please do some research.

  • Great idea, now make it a watch like device, that all I need to do is press a button and it gives a sugar reading, with the capability to download info..

  • I’m a diabetes sufferer for over 30 years. This device seems to be, provided it works to some level of accuracy, an absolute necessity. Three to four times a day costs a lot of money and pain. I’ll be happy to buy it now.

  • Weldon Fizan
    You helped diabetic patients a lot by giving them this ultimate advice which gives lot of relief from pain as well as expensive test.
    Thanks A Lot
    Waiting for its commercial availability in market.

  • Wow this is very exciting for those of us who have to poke ourselves several times per day. Please be sure to make your device widely available as soon as humanly possible. It will save many lives.

  • This device, exactly this device exists on the market for quite a while. How dumb are you people posting here?

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    Faizan we are really very happy to learn about your invention for measuring blood sugar levels.This will no doubt avoid the cumbersome practice of pricking your finger for taking out blood to measure and also a very low priced gadget.
    May Allah ( SWT ) give more strength to invent such economical medical instruments to help mankind. Wish you success in your future endeavors. Ameen.

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum,
    When will this blood checking gadget be available in the market. Are there going to be selected dealers/distributors for it.Please let me know, I am interested to buy one for myself.

  • It’s possible that previous comment from adan, may be true. Even in trial runs or infancy; something as hopeful & promising, WOULD have ABSOLUTELY been on tv news around the world.

  • Ambreen shabbir if this is true then this invention worth is not less than a novel price & faizan & his team deserve it but unfortunately I have not heard this news verification from electronic media anywhere which is bit skeptical for me to believe.

  • Good work Muhammad faizan.. Hard work pays off.. Appreciated your work.. You will also get negative comments on ur work people make fun of you by hearing your University Name but ignore them all.. Jo kuch nhi karsaktay wo just batain he bana saktay hein.. Good luck for your future. Stay blessed

  • Not a new thing. It has been already developed 5 years ago by NUST, 3 years ago by COMSATS students. Also, the using the IC or photodiode the results are very poor. Hope so this device really goes in market as when student complete the degree, they stop working on it and it becomes garbage

    • Very bad and negative comments. It’s a shame our own countries people behave like this. I live here in UK never heard gadget like this. Please do not discourage any young person who invent any gadget untill it’s proven to be wrong. Faizan seems to be intelligent young individual and deserve encouragement and respect. It’s too early to say when it will come in the market. There is always space for improvement when it comes to a gadget or machine. Thanks Faizan.

  • I am looking such device since long.
    Please let me know where to get this device. I need it for my Mother… ASAP.
    Please inbox me how can I buy this device in 1500 Rs. And also share some detail about accuracy and authencity of its reading.

  • Asalam-u-alaikum.
    I want tis device…
    Pls tell me contact numbers to purchase.


  • What a comfort to know that we will be able to test ur blood without having pain Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such great help.

  • Dear All
    Just a humble request to all of you. If you cannot find anything good in others then please do not look for their odds aswell. Faizan has invented this device for a good cause and this reason is sufficient for everyone. Do not hurt him by saying that others from different places had already done so. He being himself got his life once and he did something remarkable. Encourage him please. Our generations will follow our footsteps …. Would you tell them the same that what’s a big deal it was done earlier. Please motivate and appreciate him. Be human …. Spread happiness. There is no time for criticism and hateness. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s what my perception about life. ….

    • You’re right regarding that the people should appreciate rather than criticizing. But the truth is that the claim the supposed inventor is making are too good to be true . As much as I want to believe but my inside knows it’s just a bluff.

  • I’m highly skeptical regarding the accuracy of the device. I have doubts that even it works. As it is claimed to be a medical device so it should undergo exhaustive testing before its ready for sale. All of those who are asking about its availability in USA, rest assured no medical device is able to be introduced into USA market without approval of FDA and it takes years and lot of money

  • Should have been approved by some scientific body before going to media. We have seen many such claims that later caused embracement

  • May Allah SWT bless you,your parents and teachers.Ameen
    Congratulations to all of you good luck.

  • Any details of the device except for its ability and estimated impact? How can we trace the device?

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