Breathtaking Samundar Katha Lake Near Nathia Gali is Now Open for Tourists

In line with the vision of promoting tourism in the country, the KPK government has set up a new tourist spot in Galliyat region.

The newly built spot, Samundar Katha lake located in Barra Gali, offers a fascinating spot for a day out with your loved ones.

The tourists have already started visiting the place as groups find it a perfect summer getaway. The lake, which has reportedly been created artificially by the KP Forest Department, offers various activities such as zipline, boating, horse-riding, other watersports, and camping.

The green-colored lake is surrounded by lush green mountains and the spot becomes all the more attractive when covered in a blanket of clouds.

The lake is located a few kilometers away from Nathia Gali and offers fascinating views. The lake has been built to promote eco-friendly tourism in the province and the government is focusing on keeping the place clean and green.

A few years back, Imran Khan highlighted another such beautiful place called Kumrat valley, which now sees a huge influx of tourists from across the country. The same is expected for Samundar Katha lake, however, the authorities need to be prepared to fight the menace of pollution and heavy fines need to be imposed for littering.

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  • Good news..
    Hope our people will handle the beauty with care.
    Plz stop throwing pampers and food junk where ever you picnic.
    Frustrated tourist from KSA

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