Apple Allows Independent Shops to Repair iPhones

There was a surprising announcement by Apple that it will allow independent repair shops to repair iPhones whose warranty has expired. This is another component of the Independent Repair Program under which shops that are interested in working with genuine Apple hardware will be provided with parts, tools, and training.

Currently, the program is only available in North America but it will be expanded to other markets in Europe and Asia soon. Although, for now out of warranty repairs are consigned to issues with the front and/or back glass panels, crack in the camera lenses and other small issues. But this is a huge milestone for Apple users as they will now have more shops from which they can get repairs done.

The program is free for any independent business that is hoping to apply. They will be granted access to the required tools and training when it is available online. After getting the approval, the business will have access to the same certified Apple parts as the official re-sellers at the same cost.


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  • Compliment iPhone to initiate the Independent Repair Shop authorization for Pakistan, where no such facility exist. This will provide level playing field for IOS and other OS in Pakistan. Best wishes

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