FBR to Launch Mobile App for Filing Tax Returns Next Week

The Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbar Zaidi has announced to launch a mobile application to help people file their tax returns.

The application called, “Income Tax Return App”  will be launched next week, Zaidi said.

The recently launched tax returns e-form for businesses and salaried individuals will also be uploaded on FBR’s website, he said.

The chairman said that they have also extended the last date for filing returns. The new deadline is September 30.

FBR’s Official Spokesperson and Member Policy Inland Revenue Hamid Ateeq said that the application will make the tax filing process a lot easier for individuals. He said that the app would be available on Google Play Store by next week.

He maintained that the application would have online tutorials to guide the filers. It will make tax filing convenient and efficient.

It’s unclear whether the Income Tax Return App will have other key features like an income tax calculator, house rent allowance calculator, rent receipt generator, etc.

Nevertheless, having an easily understandable and accessible way to file taxes is a good step towards increasing the tax base of the country. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments on this front.

    • If only you had spent half as much time studying Iris as you do posting useless comments here, you wouldn’t be saying this.

      I am a not a tax professional, yet I am filing my returns myself since 2015. It only takes 4-5 hours to learn the system. It is even easier, if you are salaried.

  • government should spend tis tax on increasing production of Agriculture and food items instead f making roads and giving loans

  • New design has been launched for web and mobile for filing tax return. Its interactive and wizard based. Being the designer of this app while working in PRAL we have tried to keep it as clean as possible yet easy for filers. It’s an initiative for easy filing. We will keep on improving.

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