Pakistan Tracks Down Two More Indian Spies Involved in Terrorism

Pakistan has tracked down the footsteps of two more Indian spies involved in terrorist activities in the country.

The two spies, namely Swami Asemanand and Goband Part, sneaked into Pakistan from Iran and were behind terror activities in parts of Balochistan.

The secret agencies were on track to apprehend the criminals, but the spies managed to flee towards Afghanistan.


Pakistan Arrests Another Indian Spy from Dera Ghazi Khan

Pakistan has now shared intelligence with Iran and Afghanistan and has also written letters to the authorities in these countries.

The Indian spy agency, RAW’s activities in sabotaging Pakistan’s peace first came to international attention when Kulbhushan Yadhav, an in-service Naval officer associated with the spy agency, was arrested while entering the country via Iran.

He later confessed supervising several terrorist activities in Balochistan and Karachi. He was convicted and sentenced to death by a military court.


ICJ’s Decision on Kulbhushan to Further Demoralize RAW Agents

The ICJ has asked Pakistan to reconsider his sentence and to allow Indian counselor as per Geneva Convention.

The international court, however, turned down India’s request to release Kulbhushan.