Islamabad’s Plastic Bag Ban Challenged in Court

The government’s decision to ban the use of plastic bags in Islamabad has been challenged in court.

On Monday, Islamabad High Court (IHC) received petitions from several citizens demanding the court to overturn the government’s decision.

The petitioners have argued that thousands of people lost their jobs because of the ban. Polythene bags are being used in various countries around the world, they said.

People associated with the plastic industry have sought more time from the court to start manufacturing biodegradable bags, and want the court to declare the ban null and void. They have named the Ministries of Law and Climate Change respondents in the case.

It should be noted that the city administration had announced in May that they are going to ban plastic bags by August 14. The administration had asked manufacturers to shift to biodegradable bags.

Now, there is a penalty of Rs. 50,000 on anyone found manufacturing, importing, or wholesaling plastic bags. Habitual offenders will have to pay up to Rs. 500,000.

Similarly, any shopkeeper or hawker found violating the regulation would be fined Rs. 10,000 for the first offense. This may rise up to Rs. 50,000 for repeated violations.

Days after the ban came into effect, special teams of the Ministry of Climate Change raided different markets of the capital and confiscated as many as 2.5 million polythene bags. People found using plastic bags were fined accordingly.

  • This is pathetic. People care about their comfort level more than the environment. Any damage to our planet from this point on is irreversible. For God’s sake think of the future generations whom we’re leaving a barren-land for.

    • sir ap thik kah rahay hain but plastic bags all over the world use ho rahay hain except some countries which are developed countries not developing…
      is ko (garbage) khatam krna government ka kam hai, khud ap khud kuch na kro or logo ko kah do k ap plastic bags use e na kro, yea kahan ka insaaf hai yr???

      do watch on youtube: how Singapore dump their waste daily

      i do agree with ur point but believe me brother abi Pakistan us maqam pr nai aya k ham europe or america k jasay laws yahan implement kr saken…

      • ” (garbage) khatam krna government ka kam hai,”
        Kisi jadu say karay government khatam us cheez ko jo khatam nahi hosakti (Plastic bags) ?

        Khood kuch na karna bus government ko blame kartay rehna

        “abi Pakistan us maqam pr nai aya k ham europe or america k jasay laws yahan implement kr saken”

        Is sooch kay saath kabhi ayey ga bhi nahi

  • ye qoam kab samjhay gi. ALAH RAHAM KARAY inn sab par Ameen
    If you check Islamabad Express highway outskirts after crossing Gulberg greens till rawat end point along with railway lines, there is lot of garbage spread by locals. Soon the city will be like Karachi if not controlled by authorities.

  • Plastic Bag ka Alternative Do Jo Plastic Jaisa ho Par One Time Use Hone K Bad Khud Ki Destory Ho Jaye : Environment Main Ane K Bad

    • There are alternatives in the form of biodegradable and photodegradable bags. Manufacturers were given time to shift to those over 3 months period. But they didn’t care about the warning.

  • No one should loose jobs. Thousands of families depend on jobs related to manufacturing / Delivery of Plastic Bags. If they are loosing job then this decision is incorrect.

    Loosing of job may result in children being pulled out of schools. People starving more. Getting Sick. May even die.

    Implementer’s of this decision and supporters of this decision should think about this problem. They may be are directly responsible of any suffering caused by the decision.

    Kindly never take any such decision that may spread Depression / Disappointment.

    • It’s the manufacturers of said bags who are at fault. There was ample time given i.e May to August. The time frame was not challenged. The manufacturers just did not care apparently. Therefore, rather than the rule makers, the rule breakers should be targeted and made to recompense for damages.

      • Sorry to may to August is not enough time how a manufacturer will able to shift his whole factory system to another which is not available in our country be practical even developed countries like America give 2030 to final ban it is easy to say like you but impossible in this time frame

      • You are making a valid point. Main focus is actually that no one should loose a job. If manufacturers are at fault then govt should make them compensate the workers.

    • So what if some one is in drugs business and loses a job because of law. I guess the law should be removed as per your suggestion.

      • Your “What If” scenario is not happening currently. Workers have making plastic bags. Which is not related to drugs and not illegal. Now govt is making new rule. Objective of new rule is to improve life of many people. So kindly also keep in mind the lives of workers. That should be equally cared for.

  • Thousands of people are also attached to drugs, mugging, mobile snatching, looting and killing business as well………………
    Now should these bad businesses be allowed according to petitioners logic????

  • “The petitioners have argued that thousands of people lost their jobs because of the ban.”

    These people would have argues the same logic if it was about the ban on heroine/morphine etc

  • Best thing is that firstly government is responsible to make available a substitute in the form of biodegradable or eco friendly bags so citizens easily dispose off their every day garbage .when u have no option for this then how could u solve ur problem.

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