Shahid Afridi Slams IPL for Threatening Sri Lankan Players for Touring Pakistan

After approval from the Ministry of Defence, the Sri Lankan cricket team is all set to tour Pakistan for ODI and T20I series which starts from 27th September.

Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi has claimed that the Indian Premier League authorities have pressurized key Sri Lankan players, warning them that they will lose their IPL contract if they play in Pakistan.

Sri Lankan players are under pressure from IPL franchises. I spoke to Sri Lankan players last time when there was the talk of them coming to Pakistan and playing in PSL. They said they wanted to come, but IPL guys say if you go to Pakistan we won’t give you a contract.

Afridi further added that Pakistan has always helped Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and that they should put pressure on the contracted players to visit Pakistan. “Sri Lankan players who’ll come will always be remembered in Pakistan’s history”, the former all-rounder said.

As many as 10 top Sri Lankan cricketers have opted out of Pakistan tour, citing security concerns. Earlier, Fawad Chaudhry had also said something similar, bashing the IPL for trying to sabotage Sri Lanka’s tour to Pakistan.

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Feature Writer

  • Pakistan refused indian dignitaries the right to traverse our airspace. The president of india and the prime minister have both been denied access. It was proudly highlighted in the local news. So we are not afraid to use whatever little power we have to fight the indians yet we expect them to hold back? Why should they hold back?

    If anything they are an incompetent lot that despite having a billion plus people and therefore plenty of talent they have failed miserably at diplomacy for the most of the last 70 years. The recent pressure on the FATF, IMF and other fronts is just them living up to their potential.

    • First and Foremost, If IPL and IPL franchises are doing this act then they should do so in open so that the world knows of their black face. Secondly, ever heard of an expression ‘Sports should not be mixed with politics’?

  • Afridi should ask himself why Pakistan doesn’t have the financial muscle to counter Indian pressure?

    Why is our economy always on life support?

    Why are our human welfare indicators like literacy rate, child mortality and general health standards worse than the idol worshipers across the border? Sure we should be doing better than them?

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