Govt to Provide Free Meals for The Poor Under ‘Ehsaas Saylani Langar’ Initiative

Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the ‘Ehsaas Saylani Langar’ program, which aims to provide free food for the poor and needy across the country.

He was accompanied by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Sania Nishtar. The inauguration ceremony was held at Islamabad’s Saylani Langar House this morning.

PM Khan said that the program will be gradually expanded to other areas in Pakistan. He said that the initiative was another step towards making Pakistan a welfare state.

“Madina did not become a welfare state within days,” Khan said while emphasizing on the fact that it was a gradual process.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sania said:

Ehsaas Langar is a different scheme that has been established on the instructions of the Prime Minister to make sure that charity reaches out the deserving. It is, indeed, the highest honor for Ehsaas to feed the poor with respect and dignity.

Ehsaas Saylani Langar is a joint venture of the Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division and Saylani Welfare International Trust (SWIT). Under this initiative, the government will fund SWIT to run over 100 free food stations across the country.

In a tweet earlier today, Special Assistant on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan said that feeding the needy is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

  • Saylani was already doing that job,
    IK was suppose to create jobs, (millions of jobs?) not taking credits of other peoples job.

  • A suggestion to Honorable Dr. Sania Nishtar for Saylani Ahsas Langar to be formulated for sick/unwell be catered at home/hospital. This would help the outreach to deserving community.

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