Fawad Chaudhry Invites Ideas to Replace Police Checkpoints, Winner Gets Rs 2 Million

Federal Minister for Science and Technology has a knack of staying in the news in both good and bad ways. He has been quite active ever since his portfolio changed from the Information Ministry to Science and Technology.

He has now called for people to come up with unique and innovative ideas and solutions to replace Police checkpoints. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 2 million.

Chaudry took to Twitter to announce the challenge saying:

How can we get rid of Police Nakas (search points). Come up with technology solutions, we’ll award 2 million to the winning idea.

The deadline for the challenge is 3 weeks and it remains to be seen how the tech geeks respond to the call. It provides a brilliant opportunity for technology lovers to find out a way to replace the checkpoints which can often become a hassle for the citizens as they have to wait in queues.

In addition, they will be contributing to the progress of their country in an innovative manner.

His followers would love to see the progress and will be anxious to hear the winning idea once the deadline is over. Also, if it can be implemented, it would save everyone plenty of time and trouble.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Hope they get proper unique & secure ideas soon to Replace Police Checkpoints…

  • Vehicle scanners should be imposed on every checkpoint and a card scanner through which person sitting in the car should scan his card on. A high quality surveillance camera which should record the faces of the persons sitting in the car and the number plate of the car

  • Bhai naqe ka maqsad bhi to likho, hazar qisam ki cheezon k liye hota he naaqa. Drugs, stolen vehicle and criminals. Kis issue ko cater karna chahte hen.

  • its simple …….

    1. first install cameras at every inch in the city, we are living in a metropolitan city overall …. and get it connected to good server having proper backup ….. help can be taken from zootopia (how nick pointed out) …….

    2. invite university students to make vehicle no. plate reader using dsp and install it at every signal …… that will be forwarding a proper record of the vehicles going by ……..

    3. issue plates which should have one standard, i.e. ban fancy fonty no. plates, so that the ocr can convert it right …… if not, then a chip has to be issued incase to track the vehicle passing by ……..

    4. track vehicles which passes and does not get registered……

    5. issue a deadline …..

    6. people will not support you …….. goto step 1

  • simple suggestion
    1. companies making and selling body/ metal scanners at airports be asked to establish their factories here and make scanners as wide as roads width and vehicles to pass at requisite speed through the checking span of machine with televised xray being observed and recorded simultaneously in national transportation data base(a dream).
    2. the CHIP fitted cards of NADRA be compulsorily distributed/issued to citizen so that the whole passenger data travelling the vehicle is automatically obtained.
    3. Anyone travelling without NADRA chip card or from whose vehicle, the objectionable item is detected, must be halted and investigated.

  • We all know that CCTV with ANPR and facial recognition are quite common these days but that capability on its own can not detect suspicious vehicle. The key to an intelligent system is the ability to learn from past incidents. For that we need a record of all vehicles used for terrorism in the past. One of the most prominent feature of such vehicles is that these cars are either stolen or a car with tempered record. The easiest way to check will be to have a multifactor authentication of a vehicle. e.g rfid e-tag record = corresponding vehicle number plate record. There should be a risk based algorithm that should work out if a car is suspicious. In this day n age the biggest lead towards an upcomming incident is a persons mobile phone activity. The most important thing would be to link suspecious mobile phone user with the vehicle in which they are traveling. Telecom operators can provide live location information of every mobile phone. So if CCTV cammera location information could be linked with telecom operator location information then the suspected vehicle can be pin pointed.

  • In the current climate seems like a brainless idea…. what are you going to do with those unemployed police that presumably have had training invested in them to perform the ‘checks’ if you want this checkpoints replaced ?!! With the 2 million to spare for the prize does Fawad have many more millions to produce sophisticated enough robots to replace the human police, if these security check posts are absolutely necessary?!! As an e.g at every shopping centre in Kenya all cars entering have to go through a mandatory manual rather silly police guard check because they only examine the obvious areas. They haven’t even contemplated mechanizing the system and given the degree of repeated xray exposure in implementing imaging technology would be just plain dangerous.

  • The best way is laser and 3 dimension technology use cameras also first camera focus and captured the number of vehicle and show all the detail of vehicle then laser technology installed in check point whose scan all the vehicle untill the barrier is down during laser checking and officer operated all activities monitor through system….. Laser se vehicle scan ho k es mai koe weapon to nhi drugs to nhi tab tak barrier down rahay r clear honay k baad pk ho jaye automatically the best technology is laser scanning through camera’s aur vehicle registration must ho agar kece vehicle mai doubt ho to alert generate ho jaye r tamam پولیس chokier ko email sms ho jye agar car mai tracker hy to gari waheen jam kr d jaye… So finally one camera check the number and vehicle registration second laser checked the whole vehicle all procedure completed with in less than 1 mint its depend on system accuracy and speed

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