Twitter Explains That Politicians and World Leaders are “Not Above Our Policies”

Twitter, amid allegations that the company is not taking any action against the world leaders or politicians, said in a recent blog that leaders “are not above our policies entirely”. The company will enforce certain actions against politicians’ content that poses a clear threat.

This will be done by restricting how users interact with tweets from world leaders who break the rules. Since Twitter’s aim is to create a safe space for public conversation and information, it won’t take down the offensive tweets.

The social media giant will instead restrict users from retweeting, liking, replying or sharing the offensive tweet. The users will be able to quote-tweet so that as ordinary users they can express their opinions. The flagged tweets will be left on the platform with a notice of violation.

According to the company, this will help them keep a check and balance while keeping the users informed about global affairs.

In a recent blog post, Twitter said,

When it comes to the actions of world leaders on Twitter, we recognize that this is largely new ground and unprecedented. We want to make it clear today that the accounts of world leaders are not above our policies entirely,

Any user, according to the blogpost, whose tweets contain content that promotes terrorism, makes “clear and direct” threats of violence, and posts private information are all subject to a ban.

In the case of world leaders, the social media platform said,

We will err on the side of leaving the content up if there is a clear public interest in doing so. We may place it behind a notice that provides context about the violation and allows people to click through should they wish to see the content. Our goal is to enforce our rules judiciously and impartially. In doing so, we aim to provide direct insight into our enforcement decision-making, to serve the public conversation, and protect the public’s right to hear from their leaders and to hold them to account.

  • This means any person can get a “political position” and have free rein to attack political opponents, companies, and anyone for any reason.
    Expect more people to use it.

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