Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices Once Again

One of the largest bike manufacturing companies in Pakistan, Atlas Honda, has decided to increase prices once again. This is the second raise in the past two months as the company has been facing a continuous decline in sales.

While the exact reason behind this decision has not been revealed, local dealers believe that low sales and uncertain economic conditions could be the reason behind this.

New Prices

The new prices that come into effect from November 1st are as follows:

  • CD70: Rs. 75,500/-
  • CD70 Dream: Rs. 79,500/-
  • Pridor: Rs. 101,500/-
  • CG 125: Rs. 125,500/-
  • CG 125S: Rs. 148,500/-
  • CG 125S SE: Rs. 150,500/-
  • CB 125F: Rs. 172,500/-
  • CB 125F SE: Rs. 174,500/-
  • CB 150F: Rs. 214,500/-

Note that the company had last hiked the prices in September.

Old Prices

The old prices can be seen in the table below:

Model Retail Price
(Exclusive of Sales Tax)
Sales Tax
Retail Price
(Inclusive of Sales Tax)
(Red, Black)
64,017.09/- 10,882.91/- 74,900/-
CD70 Dream
(Red, Black, Silver)
67,435.90/- 11,464.10/- 78,900/-
(Red, Black)
86,752.14/- 14,747.86/- 101,500/-
(Red, Black)
106,410.26/- 18,085.74/- 124,500/-
CG-125 Self
(Red, Black)
125,555.55/- 21,344.44/- 146,900/-
CG-125 Self
(Special Edition, Red, Black)
127,264.96/- 21,635.04/- 148,900/-
(Red, Black, Blue)
145,726.50/- 24,773.50/- 170,500/-
(Special Edition, Red, Black)
147,435.90/- 25,064.10/- 172,500/-
(Red, Black, Silver)
179,059.83/- 30,440.17/- 209,500/-
(Red, Blue, Silver)
547,008.55/- 92,991.45/- 640,000/-


  • I don’t understand how decline in sales cause increase in prices . It should be reverse i believe

  • yr koi pochne wala nahi hai honda ko bakwas qulty hia our price dakho jasy mehran ne payssaa lutaa thaa logo se asy he honda waly lout rahy hain allah pochay en logo

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