Samsung Wants to Sell More Foldable Phones by 2020

Samsung Wants to Sell More Foldable Phones by 2020

Samsung Electronics is planning to “significantly increase” sales for foldables next year and is ready to fulfill heavy demand as well.

The Korean tech giant hosted an AI-based event in Seoul where it discussed the future of technology development. At the event, Samsung’s CEO of the mobile business unit, Koh Dong-jin, confirmed to reporters that they will significantly increase sales for foldables next year.

He didn’t say anything about a next-generation foldable device, only saying that they will make an announcement when “the time is right”.

The company teased a clamshell design foldable device at its developer conference last month, similar to the upcoming Motorola Razr. This will likely be the “next-generation” foldable device that Koh Dong spoke of.

It is rumored that Samsung wants to hit a sales target of at least 6 million foldables next year. The Galaxy Fold, however, failed to hit the initial sales target of 1 million.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will land in China on November 8 to compete against Huawei’s foldable device. The Huawei Mate X will go on sale in China on November 15.

Additionally, the clamshell Motorola Razr is expected to arrive soon as well.

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