Govt Starts Identifying Retired Employees for Pension Payments

In an attempt to keep track of pensioners, the federal government has started the process of identifying retired federal government employees.

Pensioners’ Identity Card forms and proformas, devised by the Accountant General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR), have been forwarded to all government departments.

The widows and heirs of deceased federal government employees will be given pensioners’ identity cards after verification of the data by the government departments.

According to reports, the government departments will provide the forms and proformas to their retired employees. In the case of a deceased employee, the form and proforma will be given to their heirs.

The government has ordered all the departments to upload and display the Pensioners’ Identity Card forms and proformas on their websites. The move will allow retired employees living in distant areas easy access to the forms and proformas. Moreover, the drive will eliminate fake and ghost pensioners from the system.

The forms and proformas require the following information:

  • Name and father’s name of the employee
  • Name of the ministry, division, and department
  • CNIC number
  • Date of birth
  • Date of appointment and retirement
  • Date of death (In the case of a deceased employee)

In case of family pension, the following additional information shall be provided:

  • Name of family pensioner
  • Relation to the deceased employee
  • CNIC number of the family pensioner
  • Postal and permanent address
  • Email

Moreover, in the case of a family pension, the forms and proformas must be attested by a gazetted federal government employee. An attested photograph of the retired employees or their heirs should also be attached along with the form and proformas.

The Pensioners’ Identity Card forms and proformas will be submitted in the accounts office of the relevant government departments.

  • I think the pensions should be duly transferred in the pensioner or widows and heirs bank account and the same is en cashed after bio metrics verification each month in order to avoid wrong payments

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